[Owasp-leaders] Insurance Certs

Sherif Koussa sherif.koussa at owasp.org
Mon Sep 12 19:23:15 UTC 2016

Hi All,

I was just wondering if other Chapters require showing an insurance
cert requested by the organizing hosting the event?

OWASP was very generous to provide a cert as long as we ask way in advance.
However, sometimes our host change the dates on us all of a sudden, and
this is where we have a problem.

For example, we have an event this Wednesday, which was changed from
Thursday, for which we don't have a cert for, we have 70 professionals
RSVPed for the event and another 10 in the waiting list. What makes this
event extra special is we are kicking off The Mentorship Program (bringing
security professionals and those who wanna get into the field together) for
the first time. However, the whole thing is in jeopardy now.

Has anyone else been in this situation and had found a solution for it?

Sherif Koussa
OWASP Ottawa
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