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Thu Oct 27 21:47:28 UTC 2016

Following Milton and Martin example let me also introduce myself and why I
want to be a board member

Setting on another threat because Barracuda blocked it.

Just like Martin, I got hooked at OWASP when I attended Blackhat Europe in
April 2012 and guess who introduced me to OWASP about their projects and
documentation : Martin Knobloch

Soon after that conference, I became an OWASP member and started a local
 I have been promoting  OWASP works and projects locally in my community

I started contributing with wiki editing and the Cheat Sheet projects in
September 2012
One of the major contributions I did was setup the first complete draft of
the Filter Evasion Cheat sheet inspired by Rsnake

Since then I have been involved in multiple initiatives and projects such

Support the Project Review initiative since 2013 until 2015, by working
with other members revising projects and help improve the review process

   - 2013-2014
   Support with hands on - Clean up more than 100 outdated projects in the
   - 2014-2015==>Configure more than 100 projects on Openhub
   <https://www.openhub.net/orgs/OWASP>  for monitoring projects through
   and keep as much a possible a clean inventory
   - 2014-2015==>Support the staff during this period and hand on that
   process to our actual Project coordinator (Claudia)
   - 2014-2015
   <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Project_Summit_2015/Home>==> Help
   support and organize the project summits in EU & US

2015- present==>

   - wiki editing clean up categorizations
   -  Initiate and support the OWASP Bug Bounty program

Major contributions & promotions done as volunteer to projects such as:

   - Google mentor for ZAP (2013)
   - introduce ZAP to the Linux Core initiative to get grant funds to
   develop much further (2015-2016)
   - Small promotions through videos

Code Review (2013-2014)

   - Author contributor to the .NET chapter and others


   - Translate for more than 80% the entire guide to Spanish

.NET Webgoat

   - Make a fix , update the wiki page and release a working version

Google summer of code support mentor for:

   - OWTF
   - WebGoatPHP
   - PHP security framework

Mentor and co-leader helping promoting the project  . This year the project
was able to be presented at Defcon labs and Blackhat EU 2016

Also, I follow closely Board meetings which I have attend different times
and you can check my comments to board mailing list ;-)

I'm a big  advocate for projects since I consider them an important pillar
in our community because they help bring people together from all over the
world, which help spread the word we do.

and try to be as much responsive when members or leaders asking questions.

*WHY I want to be a board member*
Please, listen to the interviews but apart from that, as someone with a
different ethnicity (Caribbean) and considering that OWASP is a GLOBAL
community , I want to be a board member because I want to support the
diversity within our community .

So far I have been committed to help OWASP, given my possibilities (I live
in an island) and resources with activities that attempt to benefit the
entire community

I consider that everything within OWASP from Chapters, Conferences to
Projects is important, therefore we should try to work more closely and
integrate efforts to reach our goals, no matter our ethnicity, sex, or
country we live

Please vote!

Johanna Curiel
OWASP Volunteer
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