[Owasp-leaders] Please share with your members

Tiffany Long tiffany.long at owasp.org
Wed Oct 26 17:33:17 UTC 2016

Dear Leaders,

One of the ways your members can most effectively steer the strategic goals
of OWASP is through voting for the Board of Directors.  While I understand
the argument that these candidates are unknown to many, each candidate has
shared their qualifications and priorities in their candidate bios and
Please take a moment to encourage your members to vote via your mailing
lists and other communication channels.

Many of you have asked how to help your members become more engaged in
OWASP, one way to do that is to encourage ownership in the organization
without the burden of taking governance roles--voting is an easy way to
achieve that.  Other ways include soliciting suggestions for future
speakers and offering opportunities to support chapter events such as a CTF
or mentoring opportunities.

Tiffany Long
Community Manager
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