[Owasp-leaders] Fwd: Request for 150K USD seed fund for the OWASP-DevSecCon Summit in April 2017 in the UK

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Wed Oct 26 06:21:20 UTC 2016

Hi Seba

April is not far away; I really need you to work with Laura on ensuring
that there are adequate planning in place such as hotel bookings blocks. If
we can't get the booking blocks in place, it has been left too late.

Seed money typically returns to allow us to run another event, which is how
we fund AppSec EU, US, Cali, and LATAM, but in the Wiki you say that OWASP
will be paying a lot of leaders to come to the event. As we haven't even
had a chance to vote on this conference as yet or work up a conference
budget using the standard conference template, I'd hate to promise things
that aren't a given. Please work with Laura on getting the budget done
before our next Board meeting, and if it makes financial sense, let's do
it. Once I have the form for budget requests, I will get you to provide me
a form with 150k as a float in FY17's budget, but as we've not approved any
of it, please don't assume you have any funding at this moment.

I do want events like this to succeed, but as I mentioned to Dinis at
AppSec EU, we need lead time to make it so, especially as April is one
month before AppSec EU, so you will have limited Laura time. I am glad
folks want to run with this, but don't assume fait accompli, especially as
we have commitments to Belfast one month later that has been being planned
for many months now.


On Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 5:05 PM Seba <seba at owasp.org> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Please see the mail below: we are preparing a summit in April!
> Main focus and theme: grouping the DevOps, Security and OWASP communities
> to work on actionable and automated solutions for secure development and
> operations of software.
> We call upon each of you to help make this summit as great as the previous
> (in 2011 wow, that is a long time ago -
> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Summit_2011)
> How can you help:
> 1) support our request for seed funding this summit - contact our board
> members and convince them to approve this at the next board meeting (9-Nov)
> 2) reserve 2000 USD (times your number of supported attendees) from your
> marketing/training/R&D/whatever budget to support this with your
> company/organisation for next year
> 3) tentatively block 19-23 April in your agenda (timing not final yet)
> 4) if you have spare cycles in the coming months - join the core summit
> team to organize this: we need people to help out on content/workshops but
> also to prepare all the logistical aspects. We meet each Thursday evening
> with GoToMeeting at 21h CET as of 17 November - mark this in your agenda.
> 5) if you want to help out: send me/Dinis your contact details and we will
> add you to the Summit Trello project.
> 6) prepare your workshop/topics proposals & teams for the summit: let us
> know who should be there?
> Current placeholder of the event:
> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Owasp-DevSecCon-Summit
> Really excited about this & looking forward to see you all at the summit!
> regards
> Seba
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> From: Seba <seba at owasp.org>
> Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 2:00 PM
> Subject: Request for 150K USD seed fund for the OWASP-DevSecCon Summit in
> April 2017 in the UK
> To: Laura Grau <laura.grau at owasp.org>, owasp-board at owasp.org <
> owasp-board at owasp.org>
> Cc: dinis <dinis at owasp.org>, psiinon <psiinon at gmail.com>, Francois <
> francois at devseccon.com>
> Dear Laura, Board,
> Last week I attended DevSecCon in London together with a couple of other
> OWASP leaders (Dinis, Simon) and was excited about the positive atmosphere,
> content, workshops and attendees (both from development as from security
> backgrounds).
> Together with Francois Raynaud (founder of DevSecCon, in cc) we would like
> to organise a summit with as main focus and theme: grouping the DevOps,
> Security and OWASP communities to work on actionable and automated
> solutions for secure development and operations of software.
> We submitted the following event as Summit in OCMS as proposal for next
> year.
> *Owasp-DevSecCon Summit, England, April 2017*
> *OWASP is joining forces with DevSecCon to create a Summit focused on the
> collaboration between *
> *Developers and *
> *Application Security. This is not a conference with uni-directional
> presentations, this is a working summit with working sessions on areas
> like: Secure Coding, Security Testing/TDD, DevOps, Threat Modeling, Mobile
> Security, IoT, Risk & Governance, Privacy & CTO/CISO requirements, Secure
> Design, Bug-bounties, Browser Security, **AI for Attack & Defence, **DDoS,
> Cyber Warfare, AppSec Standards; and of course, working sessions on popular
> OWASP projects (lead by its leaders) such as: Zap, **Top 10, **Dependency
> Checker, OwaspSAMM, OWASP Guides (Testing, ASVS, Core Review), AppSensor
> and dozens more.*
> *Using the same model as the past two OWASP Summits in Portugal, this 5
> day event will be a 16h day high energy experience, where the attendees are
> expected to work and collaborate really hard. Every working session will be
> thoroughly prepared and focused on actionable outcomes.*
> *If you care about Application Security and want to collaborate with **the
> key players in this industry, **this is the event to be.*
> *The Summit will occur in England, April 2017, with an entry ticket **of
> $2000** (covering travel + hotel + accommodation + event fee).* OWASP is
> funding a large number of its leaders and other deserving individuals to
> attend, so if you feel you can't afford this fee, or your company is not in
> a position to sponsor you, please contact the event organisers.
> In terms of budget we *ask for a seed fund of 150K USD* (first draft
> budget attached in the OCMS request).
> Our objective is to lower the financial impact (and possibly get this to 0
> or even make it a budget positive event) through sponsoring (externally and
> from projects/chapters) and have participant's organisations cover the
> costs.
> Nevertheless, we ask this seed fund to get the ball rolling and focus on
> content, speakers, workshops and tracks. In parallel we will involve Laura,
> the staff and our community to co-organize this as a professional event and
> submit a detailed budget in the following cycles.
> Our main question is:
> 1) your approval to reserve this summit seed fund (either by email or on
> your next board meeting 9-November).
> + your support to make this a great summit!
> Available for any questions/remarks thru email or other means.
> Thank you
> Kind regards
> Seba
> OWASP SAMM project
> OWASP Belgium chapter
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