[Owasp-leaders] Call for participation: Secure Code Review experts wanted

Kevin W. Wall kevin.w.wall at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 03:50:57 UTC 2016

OWASP Leaders,

Not specifically OWASP related, but definitely AppSec related...

I wanted to make all of you aware of an opportunity to help out
PhD candidate, Tyler W. Thomas (CC'd) with research for his
doctoral dissertation at UNC Charlotte. Tyler is looking for
participants to spend 30 minutes of their time on a phone
interview. I took the survey and thought he was asking some intelligent
questions, but the research could be promising. Overall though
it is clear that there is a gap in the understanding of secure code
reviews as perceived by academia vs. what is done in industry,
so I'd recommend that you all take a look and participate if you can.

The link is at:
and explains what he hopes to accomplish and provides for a
means to sign up for a particular time slot.

The link is legit, but don't take my word for it; hit it with
Firefox and NoScript if you have doubts. John Melton also
knows Tyler, and he put Tyler contact with me, but he is
trying to reach a broader audience.

Thanks for helping out a good cause.
P.S.- Technically, Tyler says he is looking for
    "security experts who examine source code OR
    interact with developers", so that's a little broader than
    secure code review experts, but most of the interview
    questions are generic questions about doing secure code
    review, so I just wanted to make you aware. Thanks again.
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