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Andrew, this is great communication. Thank you for taking the time to speak
to the community. Larry

On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 12:05 AM, Andrew van der Stock <vanderaj at owasp.org>

> Hi folks,
> In December, I will be following through with the Board's vote in October
> 2015 to sweep dormant funds that are over $5k in chapters to general
> revenue, which will affect 30 chapters out of 252 currently hold 79% ($582k
> of the $741k) of all chapter funds. Last year, I received one action plan,
> and so we didn't sweep funds. This year is going to be different.
> Chapter leaders with balances over $5k can avoid this sweep by:
>    - Define an action plan for using the funds in a strategic fashion.
>    You can definitely do more than one thing
>    - Define an associated budget for when and how you intend to spend the
>    funds
>    - How this aligns with OWASP strategic goals
>    - Benefits to local (chapter), regional, and global members
> For those of you who may already be spending at a reasonable rate compared
> to your overall balance (and I'm looking at the chapters with between $5
> and $20k here), and have a plan to continue do so, in which case, simply
> demonstrate this by pointing out your current expenses in your action plan,
> chapters such as LA, Austin and NYC/NJ are in this category. Carry on,
> you're doing exactly what the Board intended to have chapters do with their
> funds - active month on month spending, strategic activities such as local
> and regional events, and holding meetings every month - if not more
> frequently.
> But for chapters with large balances and/or no recent activity, it's
> critical we get that money to be spent on mission. We have hit the minimums
> for close inspection by Charity Navigator and others like them, and to have
> a large and growing cash on hand on and NOT spending it on mission is
> really difficult for us to explain, which will drive away potential donors
> and make fund raising more difficult. In FY17, I am looking to do major
> fundraising and grant writing initiatives, as it's an area that OWASP has
> not previously engaged in, so we need to get this balance right.
> *Plans should be strategic* in the sense that they are aligned with one
> of our current (5) strategic goals, think global, and act local. So
> consider plans that can help OWASP out, such as running a regional or local
> event, helping another strategic goal, such as outreach or education,
> donating to a project, or helping with key chapter focused activities, such
> as a global IoT lab, or similar will be well regarded. Gold plating your
> chapter, hiring staff, or other forms of sand bagging will be denied.
> *The spending period does not need to be complete in FY17, nor end with a
> $0 balance*, I'm not looking for chapters to spend it on the basis of
> "use it or lose it", but to spend strategically on things that are useful
> for OWASP both in your local area, as well as globally. For example, buying
> a $40k lab of computers that can only be used by your local members is not
> strategic, and causes those items to go on our depreciation schedule, which
> requires inventory control in your chapter. It's much better to work with
> our Senior Tech Coordinator to build out a global IoT lab that everyone can
> do research with. Hiring staff is not strategic and actually causes us
> problems as we need to offer benefits and minimum pay in many places around
> the world, so will be denied. If you wish to have a helper, please consider
> banding together with many similar chapters to fund a position out of the
> OWASP Foundation to assist our Community Manager, as that's a strategic
> outcome.
> *I don't have time for this, or it's way too hard*
> Here are a few different default choices that could really help OWASP out:
>    - *Donate to the OWASP website redevelopment projec*t. We are
>    currently looking for $150k to get this project moving and finished. 10
>    donations of $15k apiece will get this done. Your chapter will be credited
>    for assisting in this effort.
>    - *Donate to the proposed DevOps Summit in the UK in April 2017*. This
>    is currently completely unfunded, and is looking for $150-250k. 20
>    donations of $7.5k will get this done. I'm sure that the event organisers
>    can work out some form of sponsorship attribution
>    - *Donate to the OWASP infrastructure renewal project*. We have a lot
>    of older, fully depreciated, and donated servers in our Rackspace
>    environment. We need to renew these. I don't have a budget for this at the
>    moment, but would appreciate it if you could work with Matt Tesauro to
>    understand if a donation from your chapter could buy a new server or
>    something he needs to make our Internet presence better or more secure.
>    Your chapter will become an infrastructure sponsor.
>    - *Default choice*. You can nominate an amount that you don't need
>    (say if you have a balance of $50k and want to keep $10k, just let me know
>    $40k is for OWASP's mission). Your donation will be put towards OWASP's
>    FY17 strategic goals and will be publicly credited. If you are interested
>    in helping define these, we tend to discuss these in December of each year,
>    and try to have them approved by January each year. We can do so much more
>    for OWASP's core mission - run more conferences, get training up and
>    running, establish education and academic outreach, projects, and more
>    regional and global events in your area.  The default choice is amazing,
>    and will help us prove that we are spending on mission.
> *Who is affected*
> Chapter leaders receive an e-mail every month with their current account
> balance, but in case you're not aware of your current balance, it can be
> found here:
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/3/d/11acTOmtmBGq6-
> 5CIGsjlEByU8POSGqda0r23VNnhEGQ/pub?hl=en_US&hl=en_US&output=html
> The following 30 chapter leaders should submit a plan for FY17:
> [image: pasted1]
> *What do to next?*
> Please work with Tiffany your community manager, Laura Grau our events
> manager if you want to run a regional event, and Matt Tesauro for any
> technical or project related strategic goals that you want to help out
> with. I want you to be supported in all of this, so please ask the Board
> (or me privately if so inclined) about the best way to use the funds.
> Please send your action plans to me by November 30, 2016. Any chapters who
> do not submit plans will have their funds swept to general revenue by no
> later than the Board meeting in December, as I need to be able to publish a
> workable budget for FY17 at that Board meeting.
> *What happens then?*
> All chapters who contribute in some way to our strategic goals will get
> public credit for donating to the strategic goals. All chapters who have a
> spending plan in place, will be assessed a few times in FY17 to make sure
> things are actually moving in the right direction. Any chapters who do not
> respond in some way will simply have $5k at the beginning of December. So I
> implore affected chapter leaders to get on this.
> If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.
> thanks
> Andrew
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