[Owasp-leaders] Professionalism and the Future of OWASP

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Me too. Many people are dissatisfied with   our approach to projects, especially code projects. So lets set a clear technical direction, get behind it and push forward with real focus. It will mean fewer projects but better ones, so if my own project wasn't part of the new direction I'd be man enough to accept that for the greater good 😊 


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I also support Josh's idea of a Technology Executive role, CTO or Director of Technology, or just Director, with more focus on technology.


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I like Josh's idea for the formal CTO position, maybe a Chief Policy Officer(CPO), and others as well.  Some leadership roles should focus on running the organization, member needs, while new positions set and pursue a vision.  Let's figure out where we want to influence and invest in those areas.  Let's improve ourselves, our governance, let's set the bar high and make some changes.  OWASP has a voice.  Let's use it!

--Milton Smith
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