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Fri May 20 16:38:47 UTC 2016

Hi Dirk

On Fri, May 20, 2016 at 5:57 PM, Dirk Wetter <dirk at owasp.org> wrote:

> Am 05/20/2016 um 05:07 PM schrieb johanna curiel curiel:


> Abuses will happen where financial gain is.If putting this logo can help
> me sell...well you bet the first ones happy will be the vendors.
> > Contrast did that with OWASP benchmark publicising OWASP logo 'sponsored
> by' even the DHS logo.
> > https://twitter.com/jctechno/status/672079500033814528
> Ok, a TM would have helped here maybe.
> But in general this is why I think giving away a supporter logo is not
> good either -- the only point where we have
> a different stance so far:
> My firm belief is if you give a away a logo you can't control the usage.
> It's like putting a vulnerable
> web application in the internet. Somebody will find and hack/abuse it. It
> also doesn't matter if a law is
> saying that it shouldn't been hacked [1]. Same with the logo. Giving a
> logo away is like announcing
> a vulnerable web app to all bad guys. So a supporter logo could be an
> invitation to abuse (ideas see my first mail).
> Also I do not understand the point in the first place: Why do we want to
> give a away a logo? What's
> our added benefit?
> Thus I find a very strict logo policy accompanied with a proper TM the
> right thing to do. There's
> still potential for abuse but at least you did the best reasonably
> possible..
> Look at ISACA. You can't use the logo without written consent by ISACA.

Why don't you put forward a strict logo use policy?

Obviously it might not be adopted if most people prefer a looser logo usage
policy but if you don't put anything forward then I highly doubt anything
will come of you merely stating your preference for a strict usage policy.


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