[Owasp-leaders] Outcome SAMM Summit 2016

Seba seba at owasp.org
Mon May 9 06:19:12 UTC 2016

hi all,

Last month we had a successful Summit with the project team in NY.

Here is a wrap-up:

Short version, we covered

   - Brief History,  Reaffirm scope & mission
   - Discuss what to have/keep in the core model as “instruments”?
   - Discuss model breadth and applicability
   - Review and update the SAMM scoring model towards R1.2
   - Discuss the model governance
   - Update on the benchmarking initiative
   - Detailed discussion on all security practices towards R2.0
   - Roadmap towards R2.0

And created an updated mission statement and roadmap towards releases 1.2
(updated scoring) and 2.0 (updated core model).
We aim to release v1.2 at appsec usa 2016 and release v2.0 at appseceu 2017.

Join us during the next monthly SAMM call next Wednesday at 21h30 CET to
discuss the outcome and create a list of action points & owners.

A big thank you for everybody that made this summit happen and for your

Kind regards,

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