[Owasp-leaders] 2016 Developer Survey Results

Bev Corwin bev.corwin at owasp.org
Fri Mar 25 22:13:11 UTC 2016

Oh geez, I'm gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight after reading this.
Worse than a horror movie. So sad, can this be true? Alas!


On Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 4:07 PM, Jim Manico <jim.manico at owasp.org> wrote:

> > Most CISO's today are IT firewall guys.  Less than 13% of Fortune 100
> CISO's[1] have any kind of background in programming\engineering.
> Very well said. I think one of the organizational AppSec challenges is to
> *find the right people* to run AppSec. AppSec should be in the hands of one
> of the *software development leaders*.  Most folks consider their AppSec
> team to be a group of security dudes running scans and pentests. This is
> not the complete AppSec picture, at all.
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