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johanna curiel curiel johanna.curiel at owasp.org
Wed Mar 23 19:20:12 UTC 2016

Hi All,

You all seem interested in what is happening and I hope you can use the
momentum to engage people into an action

Please, propose a strategy

Then we can develop it and ask the community to vote on the strategy they
The strategy needs to explain how you will reach that goal


*Goal: *Teach new developers in C# .NET  how to code secure
*Strategy 1 *: Create and provide lessons on :

   - How to create strong and secure and strong authentication using ASP.NET
   - How to add a anti-XSS library in ASP.NET applications using older .NET
   framework 3.5
   - Create secured MS SQL Stored Procedures with right Grant permissions
   - How to add a CRSF anti token is ASP.NET

*Why it will work:*

   - We teach new .NET developers how to code a secure authentication
   mechanisms using .NET libraries and framework.
   - We teach how to avoid XSS, CRSF attacks using the right implementation
   based on the .NET framework version
   - We teach how to code secure Stored procedures with correct Grant

OWASP volunteers expert in the subject or willing to help create the content

*Target group: *New developers learning ASP.NET / C#
*Where is target group:* Universities, Course providers, Seraching to learn

*Medium:* GoToTraining Platform, Documentation, Presentations

*Propagation/Marketing: *

   - Propose training to course providers
   - Advertise through Google add search on people 'learn asp.net, c#'
   - advertise on Linked in (campaign)
   - Advertise through Developer Talks & Conferences submitting proposal
   for trainings
   - Advertise through OWASP booths in Security conferences

Google add search : USD1000
Create course: XXX
Developer conference traveling costs: XXX
Booth : XXX
Print materials : USD3000,-


Johanna Curiel
OWASP Volunteer
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