[Owasp-leaders] Important Deadlines are approaching this week!

Kelly Santalucia kelly.santalucia at owasp.org
Mon Jul 25 15:02:26 UTC 2016

*Deadlines are quickly approaching!  *

*2016 WASPY Awards*


   - *Call for Nominees - *The deadline to submit your nominees is *July
   28, 2016*.  Each year there are many individuals who do amazing work,
   dedicating countless hours to share, improve, and strengthen the OWASP
   mission. Some of these individuals are well known to the community while
   others are not. The purpose of these awards is to bring recognition to
   those who "FLY UNDER THE RADAR". These are the individuals who are
   passionate about OWASP, who contribute hours of their own free time to the
   organization to help improve the cyber-security world, yet seem to go
   unrecognized. *We all know these people, so why not recognize them
   today!*  Please take a few minutes to nominate who you feel best fits
   the purpose of these awards.  *SUBMIT YOUR NOMINEES HERE
   <https://www.tfaforms.com/427637>! *

*2016 Global BoD Election*


   - *Call for Candidates* - The deadline to submit your candidacy is *July
   31, 2016*. If you are interested in helping lead a global community that
   strives on making the world a safer place, then please consider running for
   a seat on the OWASP Global Board of Directors. .
   - *Call for Questions* - The deadline to submit your questions is *July
   31, 2016*.  In mid-August all of the individuals who submitted a
   candidaicy will be interviewed, and asked a series of questions about why
   they fell they should be elected. The questions they are asked come from
   you! We will take the top 5-6 questions and those will be the questions
   used during the candidate interviews. Now is the time to *SUBMIT YOUR
   QUESTIONS!* <https://app.sli.do/event/06bwaxha/ask> You may submit your
   own question(s) and/or give a "thumbs up" to any existing question
   previously submitted by your fellow community members.


*Kelly Santalucia*

*Membership and Business Liaison*

*OWASP Foundation*
*1200-C Agora Drive, #232*
*Bel Air, MD  21014*
*Direct: 1+ 973-670-5784*

*Fax: 1+ 443-283-4021 *

*Give back and support the open source community, become a member
<https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership> today!*

*Join us at BlackHat USA Booth #BHB11 & at AppSecUSA 2016
<https://2016.appsecusa.org> in Washington, DC!  Information on other** OWASP
events can be found here
<https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_AppSec_Conference>. *
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