[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Academy[Project Cancellation]

John Patrick Lita john.patrick.lita at owasp.org
Mon Jul 18 14:32:37 UTC 2016

Good day to All,

As we started the project OWASP Online Academy (
https://owasponlineacademy.zenler.com ), we sad to say that the project
will be cancelled and remove on the internet,
We have so many instructors who likes to give time on the platform once the
project supported and funded by the foundation, but the project development
is already done and it been around for one year without any comments and

we would like give thanks those who show their support and give time to
upload a demo video on the site, as we want to initiate this project world
wide, provide a reach out all types of learners and seekers to improve
their skills, enhance their knowledge in awareness.

i decided to have this project locally here in Philippines (Tagalog
Language) and this can be possible and do-able and this will be available
on youtube channel of OWASP Manila.  As the Project leader of OWASP Academy
i hope someday, someone ca do this project successfully. thank you.

*John Patrick Lita *
Manager for cyber security and IT services
OWASP Manila chapter chairman
FB Page @OwaspManila <https://www.facebook.com/OwaspManila>
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