[Owasp-leaders] Pursuing PhD in computer science while working

Adrian Winckles adrian.winckles at owasp.org
Sat Jul 16 09:10:53 UTC 2016

Hi Ala

I can sort speak on this with a certain competence being an academic in the day job without a PhD but coming from a background as an IT practitioner I.e I was employed due to my industry skills.

Part time PhDs are possible at least in the UK , I'm supervising a couple of part time phd students. For those doing a part time phd it take 5-6 years and for the study to be successful the student really needs the phd research to be aligned or contribute to their day job.  If it's not in my experience it becomes so much harder and the motivation becomes so much more difficult for that length of study.  A supporting employer is also a must.

There are different options you could pursue in a part time capacity

Part time PhD route with MPhil stepping stone
Professional Doctorate which is based around your professional activities
PhD by publication so if you're already researching and publishing this might be a good option

As always it's the time angle as you're going to need a good day a week to pursue in my opinion 

I'm in the same position as I really need a phd to push my career, some funding bodies don't want to know if you don't have those three letters even if you have a long track record

Funding councils want the original PhD and in some cases don't consider the prof doc 

Prof doc is good if you're a practitioner and aren't bothered by the snobbery of research funding bodies 

PhD by publication seems a popular option if you have a research based post already 

There was someone in the OWASP European community, Sweden I think, might have been john Wilander? who successfully completed a PHD by publication 

Thats my two pennies worth 

Happy to talk further off list


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> On 15 Jul 2016, at 22:59, "Ala'a Mubaied" <alaa.mubaied at owasp.org> wrote:
> Hello Chapter Leaders.
> Recently I've been thinking about pursuing my PhD (computer science) while working. 
> I've asked various people from school and work and nobody has really given me a solid answer. So my question is to you guys: Is it possible to pursue PhD part time while working full time?
> I'm a software engineer and I work between 45-50 hours a week, if I consider pursuing my PhD how much effort would I need to put in?  
> Would applying to a UC require a full time schedule ? Which school would guys recommend? 
> Sorry about all of these questions but I am really trying to find some answers...
> Why do I want to continue my PhD you ask? Because I want switch to academia later on in my career. 
> Any thoughts?
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