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Tue Jul 12 15:35:40 UTC 2016

Mike, we haven't done any OWASP sessions with them specifically, yet. I am
actually catching up with them in professional capacity soon and the other
chapter co-lead (Julian) already has.

We had couple vendors present. As far as I see it, nothing wrong with that
- as long as it is indeed a useful presentation and not a pitch, I say go
for it. As long as it's about technology or a product if it's something
really interesting, I don't see any issues with that, because sometimes
it's actually really hard to get exposure to some tools unless you are in a
well funded company. I think Codewarrior qualifies here, looks very
interesting and useful from what I hear (direct feedback from unbiased
user). We do however request full presentation deck well before the meeting
to make sure it is on topic and doesn't turn into a marketing pitch.


On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 1:24 AM, Mike Goodwin <mike.goodwin at owasp.org>

> Hello Chapter Leaders,
> I was approached by Secure Code Warrior Ltd who were offering to do a
> secure coding demo/challenge at our chapter meeting.
> Their website is:
> https://www.securecodewarrior.com/
> It sounded very interesting, but I was a bit concerned that it would not
> conform to our vendor neutrality, given their companies offering.
> They mentioned that they have already done sessions in Australia and India.
> @Aussie/Indian leaders: Have you have this company at your meetings? Was
> it OK from a vendor neutrality point of view?
> Best regards,
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