[Owasp-leaders] Relaunch - Project Review team and new incentives for projects

johanna curiel curiel johanna.curiel at owasp.org
Fri Jan 15 13:48:25 UTC 2016

Dear Leaders

I'm happy to announce that we have formed a team of  volunteers for the
Project Review Committee to relaunch the Project review team and incentives
for projects

   - Timo Goosen
   - Christo Goosen
   - Enrico Branca
   - Johanna Curiel (I)
   - Tom Brennan ==> As part of the Board members and now leading Projects

We are redefining the goals of the Project Review Team (mostly known as the
Project task force)
but we want to create clear goals by redefining some of the original
committee goals launched almost 2 years ago.(see attached file for the
committee forming 2 years ago)

Main changes to this committee goals will be:

   - Handling the process for starting new projects and reviewing submitted
   - Guide new leaders to take that idea into a feasible and realizable
   - Create webinars/meetings with regional leaders to promote guidelines
   - Create a Handbook & Guidelines for starting a new project and
   maintaining the project guidelines
   - Implement a portal for project reviews & reporting through Github
   which Enrico has already worked on
   - Automation and monitoring of new projects and existing projects
   - Implement a fixed QA review
   for project graduation with professional testers as we did back in 2014
   major reviews
   - Look for sponsors and create  specific budget for the committees
   - Create incentives for projects as explained on this proposal:

Please join us on the 27th january :
[image: Tom Brennan]
Tom Brennan
Proposal Plan

Jan 27th will be a planned discussion on the topic too see:

If you want to be part of the team and would like to provide feedback. We
are looking for:

   - Evaluators of new projects
   - Season Reviewers for quarterly major reviews
   - Help monitor the wiki pages and alerts

Keep in mind you can always provide feedback anytime through:


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