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On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 1:58 PM, Tom Brennan - OWASP <tomb at owasp.org> wrote:

> *Board Members:*
> A vote by email has been requested per *section 3.09 *Foundation Bylaws
> https://www.owasp.org/images/e/e1/OWASPByLawsOfficial-25Sept2015CLEAN.pdf
> *Motion:*
> Approve the establishment of Regional Representation of OWASP Foundation
> to focus on the core projects and efforts of the foundation to be known as:
> *-- Asia-Pacific Security Council (APSC) -- North America Security Council
> (NASC) -- Europe Middle East and Africa Security Council (ESC) -- Latin
> America Security Council (LASC) *
> VOTES (please reply-all with your vote)
> Tom - Motion / Yes
> Jim -
> Tobias -
> Matt -
> Anthony -
> Michael -
> Josh -
> *On Background:*
> *OWASP is built on self-organized efforts bottom up.*  Regional and
> cultures are different around the world... never mind time zones.  OWASP
> needs to reenergize regional coordination of projects activities, events,
> summits, etc.  The motion is requesting a formal approval process to
> establish regional advisory councils/committees as the first order of
> business for our community volunteers in 2016. Each committee should be
> 8-12 people.  Since we have "45,000" people in the community should not be
> to hard to pick +/- 40 from the membership of 2508 as of today.
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-yoQ0XTBPfmZEvVSvXey0w3nGZXG2Ctbn3o_mXL7dAU/edit
> <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-yoQ0XTBPfmZEvVSvXey0w3nGZXG2Ctbn3o_mXL7dAU/edit>
> Once approved OWASP has highlighted and empowered more volunteers to
> self-organize and participate on core aspects of OWASP Foundation and
> recognition of their time investment, locally and raises visibility
> globally in key regions.
> *FAQ1*
> *How do we then fill the Councils with members?*
> *Step #2 is simple*, the board will ask for self nominations, solicit and
> appoint interested parties vetted with assistance of community members and
> staff associated with industry users and/or leaders of projects to be
> appointed for a (1) year term to these advisory boards. *This creates
> quick and swift action and energy around the world aligned to the mission
> of the charity and the strategic goals of 2016.*
> *FAQ2*
> *But isn't that why Committee 2.0 was created?*
> Yes, but it needs help to get off the ground and implementation. So to
> jump start it, you must start off with one year appointment of task forces
> then we can follow Committee 2.0
> https://owasp.org/index.php/Governance/OWASP_Committees and adjust as
> needed.  This fantastic guidance document has had unfortunately no action
> taken by the community so we need to *JUMP START IT *and the community
> will evolve bottom up.
> *FAQ3*
> *How do we know what they are working on?*
> Not a big fan of micro management.. but I agree that if it is worth doing,
> funding then metrics should be measured. Requesting a summary roll-up
> report from each committee chairman simply outlining PLANS for next three
> months, PROGRESS from last three months and PROBLEMS that they may need the
> board to noodle on and help with.  This should be supplied starting with Q2
> board meeting to update on any efforts that they have self organized and to
> demonstrate the cascading communication (
> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Strategic_Goals) of strategic goals
> globally
> In edition to encouraging virtual meetings, the groups will self regulate
> and will likely rally at min.,  2x per year. 1x locally at regional project
> summary  and 1x at global project summit off-site.  This will self level.
> *FAQ4*
> *What are the roles of the OWASP staff in these groups?*
> The councils are self-organized by the regional members. Employees aka:
> OWASP Foundation Operations provide support to EVERYONE so if a council
> needs something they can request it just like everyone does everyday
> example: https://www.tfaforms.com/308703 and the requests will be
> responded to or escalated as needed.  We are establishing working
> committees and leaders in regional groups, this is going back to basics and
> helping to drive regional coordination and advisory status.
> *FAQ5*
> *Who do you think should be appointed Tom?*
> IMHO Tip of my tongue are the candidates from 2015/2014 elections in their
> regions of the world have already stated the "why me" lets not lose that
> energy rather encourage it!
> Abbas Naderi Afooshteh
> Jonathan Carter
> Bill Corry
> Nigel Phair
> Milton Smith
> Timur Khrotko
> Tahir Khan
> <insert others that are regionally recognized by their peers have
> expressed they want to help the OWASP Mission>
> *FAQ6*
> *We need a taskforce or a committee for X this will mess that up...*
> When a defined need is established for a short or long term taskforce,
> project, committee etc...etc.. the first thing we do is ask each of these
> councils to represent their region of the world and take a active part in
> the discussion.  If that does not fit then it does not limit a additional *"get
> things done committee"* to work on and as we know is true it will be a
> collection of people that have time to volunteer and that is OPEN to
> everyone.
> *FAQ7*
> If we do this will it upset the annual election process?
> *It will enhance it actually..... *This model provides a pool of 40+
> vetted people in the community that if they want to serve on a regional
> board and then run for a global board they have a proven track record of
> getting things done.
> *FAQ8*
> If more discussion is needed happy to discuss on the NEXT board meeting OR
> if you prefer to discuss it more just call me to understand the spirit of
> the end goal.
> Skype: proactiverisk
> Phone: 973-506-9304
> Tom Brennan
> Global Board Member
> OWASP Foundation
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