[Owasp-leaders] Regarding Project reviews and metrics misconceptions

johanna curiel curiel johanna.curiel at owasp.org
Fri Feb 26 12:48:30 UTC 2016

Hi Paul, Tom

Based on the emails I exchanged yesterday with Paul, I have the impression
that there are many misconceptions of what volunteers in previous
committees were doing and that was not to maintain and keep up Project
dashboards or metrics.

Since 2009, this was done by Poulo Coimbra, then Samantha (partially with
help of Kait-Disney) and I assisted when no one was working as staff.

Check the wiki updates and Dashboard since 2009. You don't have to believe
me but verify facts.

I also understand you would like to hire a technical project manager
because Claudia seems to have too much work, or that I set her to work with
things not updated since 2 years ago?
Please , get facts right. I did already did clean up in May 2015:


And publicised a Piktographic report:

Including all the updates of project in Openhub. I was the one who did that.

I would say I will be more than happy that the foundation takes over this
entire review process from volunteers because it has never worked.

Nor in 2009, neither now, expecting volunteers to do reviews,* although
they never kept metrics, wiki inventories or dashboards except me.*
*BTW I work full time.Study & Work*

Also, it seems that there is a big confusion as the only thing we are
trying to do is to make the review process easier by building an overview
criteria and self-asssesment, so leaders can determine were they are. I
have written this so many times but it seems no one read my proposals or

I stop my activities in reviews and proposal.

At this point , I feel that there is a lot of misinformation of facts and I
feel I'm being judge in a way that I don't consider fair. At this point I'm
feeling judged, mistreated from certain board members with comments such as
'none asked you to do any work here'.

Wow , nice way to treat volunteers, no wonder why there is no one helping
with this.

I wish you good luck with this activity.

It has not been easy for anyone since 2009.

Johanna Curiel
OWASP Volunteer
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