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Claudia, something you could coordinate as we nee d someone from the
foundation to become the organisation admin


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Subject: [GSoC Mentors] Now Accepting GSoC 2016 Mentor Organization
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Hello everyone,

We are now accepting applications from open source projects interested in
participating as mentor organizations for Google Summer of Code 2016.

Visit our new website <https://g.co/gsoc> to apply as an organization
today. For helpful tips on what is expected as a mentor organization and as
a mentor or org admin for GSoC 2016 read the Mentor Manual

One person from your Org must act as an Organization Administrator and
submit the application for your organization. The organization application
process consists of 3 parts:


   Application -- answering straightforward questions about why your org
   would like to mentor students in GSoC

   Organization Profile -- details about your organization that will be
   used to attract students to your organization (short and long descriptions
   of your org, contact methods, etc.)

   There must be at least 2 Organization Administrators per org. The Org
   Admin who creates the application will need to invite another person to be
   the 2nd Org Admin and that person will need to accept the invitation in
   order for this requirement to be met.

Once these 3 sections are completed your application is done (you can see
your progression on the site with the % complete visual).  You can continue
to edit your application until the deadline.

Deadline to submit your Organization Application: Friday, February 19 at
19:00 UTC. Be sure to look at the timeline
<https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/how-it-works/> for more important
dates for the program.

We will not accept late applications under any circumstances.

Good luck to all org applicants!


Stephanie Taylor

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