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Mon Feb 1 14:55:58 UTC 2016

Dear Project leaders,

As announced some weeks ago, we starting to work on redefining and
improving the graduation process and classification process for OWASP
projects, so they can be properly classified .

As we want to create a system to help automate this graduation process but
also count on your input, we have created the following Review overview


The idea is to have an overview of what makes a project a '*Project idea*',*
Incubator, LAB or Flagship* so leaders know exactly what is expected when
they submit their new projects and when they need to be evaluated for

*We have introduced the 'project Idea' category to:*

   - Help new project leaders promote a concept they have not develop as a
   project yet with clear goals
   - Set a very low bar allowing leaders have a wiki page, mailing list and
   all the same benefits of having an 'incubator' project for promoting their
   - No monitoring is done on these category . Only when the leader has
   produced a deliverable it will be evaluated and set under OWASP Project
   - Make clear to viewers and consumers of the information that the
   project is in development
   - Create an '*project idea pool*' that if a project leader has left it ,
   another can easily take over:
      - Example:
      - was created by Michael Coates but so far has not been further
      developed, however recently Tim Morgan had the similar idea and took over
      the 'Project concept' to continue developing it

These requirements are based on criteria created since 2008 and 2013 by the
Global Committee and the Project advisers in 2013, and relative to each
project type.

*We want your input, so please help us redefine this by:*

   - Creating issues and commenting on each criteria
   - Submit new requirements if you find then necessary
   - Pull requests to help change and create the text

*Remember, you help define this process , the review team helps facilitate
it but by participating you define it.*

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