[Owasp-leaders] OWASP KNURE successfully shot with new team!

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Mon Apr 18 09:14:18 UTC 2016

Great job! :)

There are various virtual lab projects out in OWASP already, including Security Shepherd and DVWA. I believe Tom Brennan has a virtual lab set up a little while ago, and may be he could help with virtualizing a lab for you. 

It’s already easy for even non-OWASP members to get involved with creating projects or participating in others. For example, so many of our documentation projects need translators, which is a major effort, but if an OWASP material is not yet available in your language, this is a great place for a small team to get involved, and find out about more OWASP projects that might interest them. 


> On 18 Apr 2016, at 09:03, Vadym Chakryan <vadym.chakrian at owasp.org> wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> How did we hold a conference with 100+ participants with new students team on Saturday?
> I'm leader of OWASP KNURE student chapter in Ukraine, Kharkiv [https://goo.gl/7kB3Pw <https://goo.gl/7kB3Pw>]. At the beginning of the 2016 year I gathered a team of students that would like to become OWASP activists in our OWASP KNURE chapter (now they are OWASP KNURE chapter leader board members). 
> I had a lot of work to do in raising their professional knowledge, strengthening their leadership skills and becoming a real team. Now I provide the trainings for them on network/linux/pentest/security basics, on web-security and of course on OWASP resources (tools, guides, etc...). 
> And I see that this approach gave its fruits because this Saturday we held a conference with 100+ participants. And I really didn't do much work, I just told them what they should do to create an event and the did everything else by themselves: found the speakers, created an advertisement campaign, printed OWASP marketing materials, found sponsors for coffee-brakes, many things more... And I see that the conference was really successful. It was the second OWASP KNURE conference for me, but he first one for them, and I'm proud of them.
> I've attached some photos to this letter from our conference, hope you like it.
> After the conference some new points of development has appeared: 
> [+] One school teacher told us that he would like to create some kind of virtual hacking lab and teach pupils web-security basics, he asked our help in providing some initial trainings, in creating a virtual lab and course materials.
> [+] There was a student from another university that has an interest in creating an OWASP student chapter at her university. We will help her with consulting and in other problematic areas if this will become real.
> [+] Now we have some new students that would like to be in our team.
> Now we're looking forward and already have some new interesting ideas that we are going to implement in the nearest future:
> [1] We would like to create the constant knowledge sharing meetings. Everyone who participate in these meetings must provide presentation on the topic that he/she is interested in at least once in 3 months. In this case we don't need to search for teachers/trainers/speakers and also it gives a stimulus to students to learn the things well.
> [2] We would like to create an environment where students can create their own projects, or participate in already existing ones. The projects should be on web-security topics. OWASP is a great platform for this, because students can participate in open source projects and also they can propose their own ones. Of cause many of student would like to create a startup to gain money :)) but there are also the students that would like to work for experience. We're constantly seeking for new possibilities and ways to interest them. If you have some propositions, then write me please!
> As for me personally: I would like to create some kind of formal procedures for governance in our OWASP KNURE chapter and install the processes for the chapter could work without me. It would take much efforts, because we need to create: a voting procedure, suffrage, leader elections procedure, responsibilities and powers of chapter participants, many more... And also I need to be sure that everything would work without me.
> Then I would like to create a Kharkiv chapter and the first thing I would like to do is to initiate the creation of student chapters in other Kharkiv technological universities using the best practices and experience obtained here at OWASP KNURE. Maybe I would manage to create a global inter-university students community here, where studs would share knowledge, provide common events, create projects and startups in cyber-security and of cause would make our life safer.
> Thanks to everyone who had enough patience to read to this line! :)))))
> -- 
> Sincerely yours,
> Vadym Chakrian,
> Leader of OWASP Student Chapter 
> at Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.
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