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Josh Sokol josh.sokol at owasp.org
Wed Oct 7 21:12:55 UTC 2015

Thank you, Jim, for that glowing recommendation.  For me, I decided to run
for the Board originally after the Chapters Committee was eliminated and I
felt that we lost our collective voice in OWASP.  I saw OWASP being
controlled by people selling security products, rather than people selling
the concept of being secure, and I didn't like it.  As a former Chapter
Leader, I know the hard work and dedication that goes into running a
successful chapter.  Even more so, I know the time and effort that it takes
to raise funds to fuel those efforts.  My latest initiative is a massive
proposal <https://www.evernote.com/l/AD9k8Mj8VAdOxLURsbEmDNCN0NR4JrprZNo>
to drive funds to underfunded chapters and projects and hopefully bring
some sanity to what's been described by others as the "ring-fenced funds
issue" or even language as divisive as "chapters vs projects".  It's a
problem that has plagued OWASP for a very long time and I'm hoping that my
ideas will eliminate the negativity from those discussions and help to
propel our chapters and projects forward.  OWASP Community and Leaders, I
have more big ideas for OWASP that I look forward to bringing to the table
in the future.  I'm not one for politicking, but since someone else brought
it up, I would sincerely appreciate your vote in the upcoming election.
Thank you.

Josh Sokol

On Wed, Oct 7, 2015 at 2:59 PM, Jim Manico <jim.manico at owasp.org> wrote:

> Leaders and Community,
> I've been asked by many what my opinion is on the upcoming board
> elections. Please note, my current term ends Dec 31, 2016 and I will not be
> running for the board again. Four years is plenty in this position and I
> want to give room for others to lead in this regard. The choices I made are
> because of the following values I care for in board members. Commitment to
> the fiduciary duty to make decisions that support the foundation above
> personal interest. Vendor neutrality and non-commercialism. Work hard and
> be committed to being an active and vocal member of the community.  Have
> your heart soul and mind deep into application security. Be committed above
> all else to serve the community. Be transparent in all OWASP dealings.
> So here are my votes....
> *Josh Sokol*:  Without any doubt, I feel Josh is the most instrumental
> board member when considering the future of OWASP governance. Josh has dove
> head first into some of the most difficult issues that face the board. He
> is vocal, he is active in our community on multiple levels and he never
> shies away form the fire. And when it comes to activities around board
> governance, I feel that Josh is the hardest working board member of us all.
> He's been pushing "legislation" to fund new chapters and projects as well.
> I'm a big fan and feel wee *need* Josh on the board.
> *Michael Coates*: Michael and I have very different styles of
> communication around dealing with conflict. We are often on different sides
> of various issues. But I see Michael as a very mature and calm member of
> the board who brings a lot of sophistication to our actives. Even when I
> disagree with him, I think he always brings the right intention to OWASP
> and he has my vote, no question. I also think he has been a strong
> supporter of vendor neutrality and similar values, which is a top tier
> concern of mine. Not to mention his hard work on AppSecUSA while
> refurbishing his home while welcoming a new baby into his life while taking
> on a new job, etc. I do not know how he does it, but he certainly  puts a
> lot of blood, sweat and tears into OWASP.
> *Milton Smith*: Milton is one of the kindest souls I've met in our
> community. He has incredibly high standards around communicating with
> people with respect, he is incredibly astute and caring around ethical
> issues an in general we would be lucky as a community to have him as a
> board member. Again, what Milton brings to the table are things we need
> desperately on the board - experience leading an organization of this size
> as well as an outstanding sense of ethics. I also think it's fair to
> disclose that Milton is a friend and we have worked closely together in the
> past - and always, even under stress, Milton is always a kind hearted and
> helpful soul.
> *Bil Cory*: Bil Cory is someone who has advised me on multiple occasions
> regarding difficult board matters. He is (very) well versed in our bylaws
> and has provided (excellent) feedback regarding some of the most difficult
> issues to the board. He is an active member of our governance list. We
> would be lucky to have him.
> *Tobias Gondrom * : Tobias tends to vote in favor of issues that serve
> the European and non-US community. Since we are a global community, this
> kind of representation is critical. Tobias has also been our chair of the
> board this year. He has kept meetings on track with a very calm demeanor
> even in the face of stress. He shows up to meetings in the middle of the
> night for him and has weekly meetings with Paul regarding operational
> issues. He has also respected the power of the  chair of the board and has
> not abused that power. This demonstrates excellence leadership which I feel
> we need.
> These are just my opinions as a "lame duck" board member. If I was running
> again, I would not have stated my opinions so bluntly. But my opinions
> aside, I think it's important to hear out *all* candidates. Their
> interviews can be heard here. https://soundcloud.com/owasp-podcast
> Last, I am grateful that all of our candidates are considering running.
> It's a great deal of work and time and is often fraught with conflict. I
> hope all candidates consider continued service to the foundation,
> regardless of who wins.
> Aloha,
> --
> Jim Manico
> Global Board Member
> OWASP Foundationhttps://www.owasp.org
> Join me at AppSecUSA 2015!
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