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Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Wed Oct 7 19:59:13 UTC 2015

Leaders and Community,

I've been asked by many what my opinion is on the upcoming board 
elections. Please note, my current term ends Dec 31, 2016 and I will not 
be running for the board again. Four years is plenty in this position 
and I want to give room for others to lead in this regard. The choices I 
made are because of the following values I care for in board members. 
Commitment to the fiduciary duty to make decisions that support the 
foundation above personal interest. Vendor neutrality and 
non-commercialism. Work hard and be committed to being an active and 
vocal member of the community.  Have your heart soul and mind deep into 
application security. Be committed above all else to serve the 
community. Be transparent in all OWASP dealings.

So here are my votes....

*Josh Sokol*:  Without any doubt, I feel Josh is the most instrumental 
board member when considering the future of OWASP governance. Josh has 
dove head first into some of the most difficult issues that face the 
board. He is vocal, he is active in our community on multiple levels and 
he never shies away form the fire. And when it comes to activities 
around board governance, I feel that Josh is the hardest working board 
member of us all. He's been pushing "legislation" to fund new chapters 
and projects as well. I'm a big fan and feel wee *need* Josh on the board.
**Michael Coates*: Michael and I have very different styles of 
communication around dealing with conflict. We are often on different 
sides of various issues. But I see Michael as a very mature and calm 
member of the board who brings a lot of sophistication to our actives. 
Even when I disagree with him, I think he always brings the right 
intention to OWASP and he has my vote, no question. I also think he has 
been a strong supporter of vendor neutrality and similar values, which 
is a top tier concern of mine. Not to mention his hard work on AppSecUSA 
while refurbishing his home while welcoming a new baby into his life 
while taking on a new job, etc. I do not know how he does it, but he 
certainly  puts a lot of blood, sweat and tears into OWASP.

*Milton Smith*: Milton is one of the kindest souls I've met in our 
community. He has incredibly high standards around communicating with 
people with respect, he is incredibly astute and caring around ethical 
issues an in general we would be lucky as a community to have him as a 
board member. Again, what Milton brings to the table are things we need 
desperately on the board - experience leading an organization of this 
size as well as an outstanding sense of ethics. I also think it's fair 
to disclose that Milton is a friend and we have worked closely together 
in the past - and always, even under stress, Milton is always a kind 
hearted and helpful soul.

*Bil Cory*: Bil Cory is someone who has advised me on multiple occasions 
regarding difficult board matters. He is (very) well versed in our 
bylaws and has provided (excellent) feedback regarding some of the most 
difficult issues to the board. He is an active member of our governance 
list. We would be lucky to have him.

*Tobias Gondrom * : Tobias tends to vote in favor of issues that serve 
the European and non-US community. Since we are a global community, this 
kind of representation is critical. Tobias has also been our chair of 
the board this year. He has kept meetings on track with a very calm 
demeanor even in the face of stress. He shows up to meetings in the 
middle of the night for him and has weekly meetings with Paul regarding 
operational issues. He has also respected the power of the  chair of the 
board and has not abused that power. This demonstrates excellence 
leadership which I feel we need.

These are just my opinions as a "lame duck" board member. If I was 
running again, I would not have stated my opinions so bluntly. But my 
opinions aside, I think it's important to hear out *all* candidates. 
Their interviews can be heard here. https://soundcloud.com/owasp-podcast

Last, I am grateful that all of our candidates are considering running. 
It's a great deal of work and time and is often fraught with conflict. I 
hope all candidates consider continued service to the foundation, 
regardless of who wins.


Jim Manico
Global Board Member
OWASP Foundation
Join me at AppSecUSA 2015!

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