[Owasp-leaders] It's time for cement shoes and a deep swim for Mailman 2

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Tue Oct 6 21:20:25 UTC 2015


We are currently using mailman 2 for our official OWASP email lists and 
it's (way) time to move away from it.

One replacement we are considering is mailman 3, the most recent version 
of mailman. Lots of new and important security features. This would 
probably the more gentle transition to a new email list for all of us.

Also for consideration is Google groups since it's so low cost for us to 
administer and has a very rich feature set. It can be used as a email 
list and as a forum and solves lots of complex requirements the 
community has asked of the foundation.

My (personal) preference is Google groups to ease the burden on staff, 
but I am worried about the community more than my personal preference. I 
know privacy is especially important to our German community, and China 
does not have good access to Google groups.

Is there a third or forth option we should be considering?

Your feedback here is appreciated. This is not an easy decision and the 
board is split on what direction to take.

Me ka aloha pumehana,

Jim Manico
Global Board Member
OWASP Foundation
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