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Josh Sokol josh.sokol at owasp.org
Fri Oct 2 21:03:41 UTC 2015

Hey all,

I think there is a major technical glitch at the moment with the mailing
lists which is preventing me (and likely others) from seeing the responses
in my e-mail.  I had to go back to the list archives in order to respond to
some of the feedback:

1) Jim Weiler: Proposal 7: Regarding not having to have the staff notify
leaders.  Technically, this already started happening within the past month
or two.  The problem was we had a lack of education with many leaders on
how much money they had and what they could spend it on.  This provides an
automated, monthly, update so that leaders can make an informed decision.

2) Larry Conklin: Proposal 4: Can you please elaborate on "something else,
but not sure what"?  I have no idea what you mean.

3) Larry Conklin: Proposal 8: Regarding what happens if a chapter wants to
divert money from one thing to another.  This is not a problem.  There is
nothing in the plan that prevents the transfer of funds or re-budgeting
throughout the year.

4) Larry Conklin: Proposal 10:  Regarding working with those in excess of
$5k first.  Absolutely.  This would be part of the budgeting process with
support from the staff.  There will also be a massive communication plan
associated with this effort.  Nobody wants to take money away.  We just
want to make sure that everyone has a plan for the money they have.  Does
the proposal affect chapters with sponsors or chapters/projects with
grants?  Yes.

5) Zac Fowler: Regarding $4500 being a big fine, it's not a fine, but I
agree that there should be a major effort to try to work with people before
they lose funding.  See my answer #4 above.  That said, I like your revised
language and made a few small tweaks to it presented below.  Thank you for
presenting alternate wording.  This is exactly the kind of constructive
effort we were hoping to get by presenting it before a vote.

6) Richard Greenberg: While I love the passion, I'm afraid there is a big
misunderstanding around Proposal 9 and this shows me that I need to revise
the language.  This proposal was intended to act in isolation of the other
proposals and I'm realizing that isn't clear.  The idea was that if a
leader created a budget for funds that weren't in an account, those funds
were approved by the Foundation, and the money was never spent, those funds
are not "ring fenced" like other funds are today.  They would basically be
considered unexecuted expenses and if the leader wanted to try again the
following year, they would need to re-budget for it.  See my revised
language below.

*My Proposed Revised Language:*
Change Proposal 9 to:
*Separate from the aforementioned budgeting process for chapter and project
accounts, any OWASP Leader can create a budget and provide it to the OWASP
Board prior to November 1 for inclusion in the Foundation budget planning
process.  The budget would be reviewed by the Executive Director and Board,
and, if approved, incorporated into the overall OWASP Foundation budget for
the following year.  This would effectively set aside the funds to use at
the appropriate period of time, in the future, with no further approvals
necessary.  Money that is budgeted in this manner, that wasn’t spent during
the calendar year, would be returned back to the OWASP Foundation general

Change Proposal 10 to:

*Accounts with a balance of $5,000 or more as of December
1,with no proposed budget for spending their funds, will be contacted
by theOWASP staff
directly to review their account balance. The chapter will berequired
to create a budget to allocate the funds for the upcoming year.*
*Unbudgeted funds may be diverted to other project(s), chapter(s), or*
*Community Engagement Funding accounts if the chapter cannot be contacted
or a budget is not received prior to January 1.*


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