[Owasp-leaders] OWASP on Slack (OWASP global chat)

Serg B. serg at owasp.org
Sat May 16 15:21:00 UTC 2015

Hi All

We've just created a Slack OWASP team. Meaning, global chat platform for
OWASP. A lot like IRC, on steroids, lots of steroids.

While some of us old hats love IRC, for most of us IRC ports are blocked in
a corporate environment (i.e. at work), so it's somewhat hard to
collaborate during work hours. This works over standard web ports - with a
dedicated client app or via a web browser. And, just in case you already
use Slack, then you can just add another account... It should make it a lot
easier to collaborate.

I'd like to get this out to the community, so people start using it. The
registration URL is (requires email only):

*http://owasp.herokuapp.com <http://owasp.herokuapp.com>*

Once registered, you will receive confirmation email from Slack... From
there, join, chat, create your own channel, enjoy! It would also be good if
people started creating chapter channels. We already have a few...

You can register to join here: *http://owasp.herokuapp.com

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