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FYI: For anyone interested, please find forwarded a recent update from the
Red Cross international Humanitarian Services with recent info on Nepal:

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         I want to share a disaster update with you.

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        [image: Disaster Response Update]
            Dear Bev,

I wanted to share a few updates on our disaster relief work in just the
last 5 days. The American Red Cross is working with the Nepal Red Cross and
our international counterparts to *respond to the catastrophic earthquake
in Nepal.*

Reports vary, but more than 5,000 people have been killed in Nepal, Tibet,
Bangladesh and at the Nepal-China border, with some 10,000 more injured.
Many are feared trapped under rubble and, tragically, the number of
casualties is expected to rise.

In addition to joining the relief efforts in Nepal,
*the Red Cross continues to respond to emergencies happening in communities
near you, and prepare for more to come. *
Severe flooding and tornadoes in parts of the United States have already
ushered in spring storm season. The Red Cross is providing shelter and
assistance for the community residents who need it.

Numerous multi-unit home fires impacted families this week across the
country. Our volunteers and employees were on the scene right away to
provide comfort, food, gift cards to purchase clean clothes, and help with
next steps toward rebuilding lives.

This past week has been devastating for so many families. We’re humbled by
the ongoing support of the Red Cross community, because it’s times like
these when your commitment can truly change the lives of people who are

We are so grateful to all of you who have donated, your support is making
an incredible impact for those in need. If you’d like to support our
efforts at home and across the globe, *donate to American Red Cross
Disaster Relief*
to help people affected by disasters big and small.


Lauri Rhinehart
VP, Humanitarian Services
American Red Cross

P.S. You can find the latest news and updates on the Red Cross’ disaster
relief work at redcross.org


*DISASTER UPDATE: Nepal Earthquake*

*Red Cross Responding to 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Nepal*
The American Red Cross has committed $1 million, deployed a total of 9
disaster specialists and is providing relief supplies to support the
response. As the response grows, the American Red Cross is working closely
with the Nepal Red Cross and the global Red Cross network to coordinate
additional support. Our continued activities will focus on the following:

   - *Assessments and Coordination:* The American Red Cross has deployed
   two disaster specialists from a regional office in Bangkok to support the
   response.  An American Red Cross information management specialist has also
   deployed to support overall Red Cross coordination.
   - *Relief/Cash Transfer:* The American Red Cross has made relief
   supplies available to the operation and is deploying three disaster
   specialists as part of a Red Cross team working to conduct damage
   assessments, identify key needs and support relief activities.
   - *IT/Telecommunications:* The American Red Cross has deployed two
   IT/Telecommunications specialists and a voice & data satellite to support
   the Red Cross response.
   - *Information Management/Geographic Information Systems (GIS):* In
   addition to deploying an information management specialist, the American
   Red Cross is also providing remote information management and mapping
   support to the response. The American Red Cross has also deployed a media
   specialist to Geneva to support the overall Red Cross response.
   - *Restoring Family Links:* American Red Cross chapters are working with
   global Red Cross partners to reconnect family members separated by the
   earthquake. For more information on family linking, please visit the *Nepal
   Earthquake Restoring Family Links page*

*Situation Overview:*

On April 25, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck 48 miles NW of Kathmandu,
Nepal at 11:56 a.m. local time.  The earthquake affected up to 8 million
people, resulting in more than 5,000 deaths and injuring at least 10,100
people.  The earthquake most severely affected the Western and Central
regions of Nepal, and also caused deaths and damage in parts of Bangladesh,
China and India.  Casualty figures are expected to rise as relief actors
continue to gain access to remote areas. The earthquake displaced an
estimated 2.8 million people, many of whom are currently staying outdoors
in cold, wet conditions due to both home damage and fears of continued
aftershocks. Initial assessments indicate that some 600,000 homes were
damaged or destroyed in the earthquake.

Relief efforts are under way and expected to increase in the coming days.
In addition to continued relief efforts in the Kathmandu Valley, the
response continues to broaden as humanitarian actors gain access to remote
areas. Current humanitarian efforts are focused on search and rescue,
medical care and the distribution of relief supplies such as tarps and
shelter materials. International search and rescue teams from 18
countries—including the United States—are currently operating in Nepal.
The Government of Nepal has reported that current in-country search and
rescue capacity is sufficient to cover all affected areas. The Kathmandu
airport is operating 24 hours a day and serving as the primary logistics
hub for the relief operation.  However, the large volume of incoming goods
and response teams has caused congestion.  Humanitarian responders are
setting up additional logistics hubs in the cities of Pokhara and Birgunj
to help manage the supply of relief items.

The Nepal Red Cross has mobilized staff and volunteers to conduct
assessments as well as provide first aid and search and rescue support in
12 of the most affected districts.  Nepal Red Cross teams have begun
distributions of relief supplies and have distributed more than 5,600 tarps
and blankets to date. The Red Cross blood bank in Nepal is also providing
blood supplies to medical facilities in Kathmandu. The Nepal Red Cross has
branches in all 75 districts of Nepal, more than 1,300 sub-branches, 1.1
million members, and 100,000 active volunteers.  The Global Red Cross
response is focused on emergency health, shelter, livelihoods, reconnecting
families, providing safe and dignified burials and supporting Nepal Red
Cross preparedness and response capacity. Additional Red Cross teams from
around the world are deploying specialists with expertise in healthcare,
logistics, IT/Telecommunications, assessment and coordination and emergency

*Photos *

  [image: View the slideshow]

  * Map:*
[image: Nepal Earthquake]

*DISASTER UPDATE: Week of April 26, 2015 *

*Arizona – Multi-Family Fire *A multi-family fire displaced 4 families in
Maricopa County yesterday. The Red Cross provided the impacted residents
with lodging, food and clothing.

*Alabama – Multi-Family Fire*
Two apartments were affected and eight individuals were displaced due to a
fire in Baldwin County yesterday. The American Red Cross provided needed
services for the impacted clients such as helping with lodging and casework

*Kentucky – Hazardous Material Incident*
A chemical reaction in Shelbyville created a hazardous environment within a
multi family building and prompted an evacuation of approximately fifteen
homes yesterday. Nearly 40 people were displaced. The Red Cross opened a
shelter for the displaced residents and are supporting ongoing needs.

*North Carolina – Multi-Family Fire*
An apartment fire affected thirty units and displaced nearly 80 individuals
in the city of Thomasville yesterday. Local Red Cross disaster workers were
on site to assess the situation and determine the necessary assistance to
be provided.

*Pennsylvania – Multi-Family Fire*
An apartment fire displaced three families in the city of Johnstown on
Monday. Local Red Cross disaster workers met with two of the three families
at the scene, and will continue to support all impacted families.

*Wisconsin – Multi-Family Fire*
A twelve unit apartment fire displaced about 20 people in Milwaukee
yesterday. The building lost power as a result of the fire. The Red Cross
provided food, clothing, lodging and transportation for the affected
families. Follow up will be done today to ensure all needs are met.

   [image: Weather Developments]
*Major Weather Developments that may impact Red Cross units today:*
Source:  FEMA Situation Report

   - *South Area:* Rain, severe thunderstorms including hail and locally
   damaging winds are forecast
   - *West Area:* Rain, thunderstorms and snow are expected
   - *Northeast Area:* Rain is forecast
   - *Midwest Area:* Rain and snow are expected

*Louisiana – Floods and Tornadoes*
Severe weather caused flooding and tornado activity that threatened several
parishes and affected hundreds of residents on Monday. The American Red
Cross communicated with local Emergency Personnel Offices, opened shelters,
assessed client’s needs and will be providing shelter, food and bulk
distribution today and going forward as needed.

*Texas – Floods and Tornadoes*
A strong thunderstorm cell and tornado affected dozens of homes and left
residents without power in Grimes County on Monday. The Red Cross is
providing shelter, food, casework, bulk distribution and support services
to affected residents.

   [image: Domestic response]
*Wisconsin – Multi-Family Fire*
Multiple units of an apartment were destroyed and affected scores of
residents in the city of Green Bay. The Red Cross was notified and provided
shelter, food, casework, bulk distribution and support services for
affected residents.

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