[Owasp-leaders] Certification Training | 2015 Updates

Tom Brennan - OWASP tomb at owasp.org
Thu Mar 26 19:03:40 UTC 2015

// Just completed; OWASP (mini)Summit & HACKNYC 2015

What is next..... well lot's of stuff ;)

A) Get Certified - May 4th - May 8th 2015 in New York City!

B) Other events happening include;
- Meeting at UBS
- Meeting at Goldman Sachs
- Meeting at Yahoo
- Meeting at MongoDB
- Meeting at Bloomberg
More information see: http://www.meetup.com/OWASP-NYC/

C) Just across the river in New Jersey
- Meeting with the New Jersey Office Homeland Security Director
- Meeting with Mandlebaum Salsburg re: CFAA Legal Issues
- Meeting with DTCC
More information see:  http://www.meetup.com/OWASP-New-Jersey/

// Want to be be a speaker simply submit online, its that easy!

Tom Brennan
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