[Owasp-leaders] INTERFACE Oklahoma

Jason Johnson jason.johnson at owasp.org
Sun Mar 1 20:10:54 UTC 2015

Hi leaders of Owasp,

This is an evite for INTERFACE of OKC. There is also conferences in TULSA
and other states. If would be cool if we (OWASP) had a booth at these
because it could drive membership. I know I have been silent for a while
because I am extremely busy, however I wanted to invite anyone who wanted
to go. Somehow I was asked to be on the advisory council after going to a
INTERFACE. You even get CPE credits for showing up. Please use this link
within the leaders only. I am trying to get a link for OWASP that is
official we can broadcast it out to the masses and twitter. We have all the
agreements in place for INTERFACE as far as our not for profit status is
concerned. So take a look let me know if you go and maybe next time if this
is something we all want to make a thing we can set up a booth and wear
catchy shirts to drive memberships and promote safe secure coding. There
are tons of developers that go to these things.

Sorry for being so silent but I am almost done with school and I will have
some time to investigate such opportunities more.


*Note: INTERFACE is a private conference for invited technology
professionals. It is not a job fair and is not open to students or anyone
under 21 years of age. No Exceptions. *

On a side note:

Look what I found...


Do we have a project for this and is it maintained? I loaded this onto my
server to check it out. Apparently its something to do with SpiderLabs?

I always get concerned when our logo or name is coupled with the term
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