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*June 2015 Community News Flash*

Greetings OWASP Community,

It seems that Fabio Cerullo's guest article last month on creative uses for
chapter money made a big impact on at least one project. Due to an
outpouring of support, the ASVS project is now fully funded. We will be in
touch with leaders who offered to make donations about alternative projects
and initiatives that need support.

Please review last month's article
find more ideas for using your funds to support our mission to keep
application security visible. There are many more projects, events, and
underfunded chapters that could use support. You can use the donation form
to make a direct donation to the projects or submit a request to donate
<http://www.tfaforms.com/308703> some of your chapter allocation to another
chapter or project.

A few deadlines:

   - Be sure to submit your request for an Honorary Membership
   <https://www.tfaforms.com/371458>. The deadline is June 30.

   - The 2015 Summer Code Sprint
   <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Summer_Code_Sprint2015> is accepting
   applications through July 3. This is a great opportunity for a student
   to get hands on skills as an "intern" on an OWASP project.

   - The WASPY Awards <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/WASPY_Awards_2015>,
   recognizing unsung heroes of Web Application Security, is now seeking
   nominations through July 20.

   - If you are looking for an even greater responsibility, consider
   running for a seat on the OWASP Global Board of Directors Election
   There are 4 seats up for this election. The Call for Candidates
   <http://www.tfaforms.com/371459> is open through July 31. Have a
   question for the board candidates? We invite you to submit questions for
   candidates <https://app.sli.do/event/m55fvvzv/ask> through July 31.

So, read on for this month's News Flash and as always let me know if there
is anything I can help with.


Noreen Whysel
Community Manager
OWASP Foundation

*In this Issue:*

   - FEATURE: Making Chapter Leadership Changes
   - Recent Chapter Activity
   - New OWASP.org Email Policy
   - Open Hours on Slack
   - AppSecUSA
   - Resources

*FEATURE: Making Chapter Leadership Changes*

*Leadership Transitions*

Chapter leaders serve as the main point of contact for the local chapter,
and are responsible for ensuring that the local chapter fulfills its
requirements. When it is time to make a change, we want to help ensure a
smooth transition so the new leaders have all the information and resources
they need to continue the mission.

When adding a new leader, this can be as simple as contacting us
<http://sl.owasp.org/contactus> and telling us that you want to add a new
leader. We will make sure the new leader gets an OWASP.org email account
and is signed up for the leaders' mailing lists and that the chapter and
member record indicates the new status.

Sometimes finding a new leader can be a challenge. While some chapters hold
elections, others may struggle to find someone to step forward. Use your
chapter mailing list or social media to announce open positions.The
<https://lists.owasp.org/mailman/listinfo/owasp-community> mailing
list is also a good way to reach a broader group for ideas on developing
your leadership team. We are happy to help with ideas.

*Social Media Accounts*

Transitioning to a new leadership involves more than just opening an email
account and subscribing to a mailing list. Leaders hold administrative
passwords to social media accounts, events management systems, Github
accounts and other resources that Foundation staff may not have access
to. *Remember
to pass on login details to new leaders!*

We have seen chapters that appear to have more than one Twitter and
Facebook accounts. If a password is lost or a new leader has no access to
the account, social media groups can end up abandoned or encourage spammers.
 Abandoned accounts can seem like ghost towns to potential new members and
adding a new account is just confusing. Our options in this case are to try
to reach the account holders to transfer admin rights or request that the
provider shut down the account, which is a shame since we risk losing an
important archive of chapter activities.

If you are aware of a legacy account on social media that you do not have
access to, please let us know. We can try to reach past leaders by looking
up alternate contact information in our member directory. Merging accounts
may be possible on some platforms. As a last resort, we can attempt to get
the provider to shut the account down. As owners of the OWASP Brand, we all
have an interest in ensuring that all online OWASP presences are a vibrant
and current reflection our ongoing mission.

*NEW: OWASP.org Email Policy*

The board has released an updated policy document regarding the use of
owasp.org email accounts, including terms of use and a suggested signature
format for highlighting projects. As before, owasp.org emails are a benefit
of paid and honorary OWASP members. Chapter and project leaders may also
request an account.

Please review the policy:


OWASP Morocco is curating a security track at DEVOXX Maroc 2015 on 16th-18th
November 2015 (www.devoxx.ma) and has asked us to see if we can find
speakers to present OWASP projects at the event. Developer conferences such
as DEVOXX Maroc 2015 are great ways to get the OWASP message out beyond our
community. If you have information about a developer conference that OWASP
members should present at or partner with, let us know

*New Chapters*

Bhopal, India: Leader, Akshay Sharma, akshay.sharma at owasp.org

*New Academic Supporters:*

Universiti Tecknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

*Academic Activities: Summer Code Sprint 2015*

As part of our 2015 Summer Code Sprint
<https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Summer_Code_Sprint2015>, which just
launched, I have completed an audit of the contacts at nearly 60 academic
institutions that have been or currently are serving as Academic
Supporters. We are reaching out to these institutions to help promote the
visibility of application security in computer science curricula worldwide.
If you know of a professor or teacher who might be interested in becoming
an Academic Supporter, please forward a link to our application
<https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Academic_Supporter> and program details.

If you know of any academic program or students who might be interested in
teh Summer Code Sprint, please let them know about it. The deadline for
Summer Code Sprint proposals is July 3. All students who complete the
program will receive a grant of $1,500. Apply today

*TOOLS: OWASP-Community Open Hours on Slack*

As you know, we have launched a Slack as a resource to discuss project and
chapter activity. We recently added an owasp-community channel that will
serve as a virtual Open Hours. I have selected Tuesdays from 10am-11am Eastern
time as a weekly open hours slot. You can also suggest a time. Sign up at


The full agenda for speakers and lightning training sessions is now
available for AppSecUSA to he held in San Francisco from September 22-25,
2015. View a recently released Highlights Video
<https://youtu.be/te7x28qv8Vs> from last year's conference. We will also
have a career fair and a fabulous dinner cruise on Thursday for all
registered attendees. Register soon! http://www.appsecusa.org.

Plans are being made for a panel and workshop on Women in AppSec with a
goal to introduce application security as a career option for women. For
details, visit https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Women_In_AppSec and join the
OWASP Women in AppSec Community Group, at https://myowasp.force.com.


Funding Resources:

Donation Scoreboard - Current Chapter Funding Amounts:

OWASP-Community Slack Channel:


Women in AppSec:

Chapter Leader Handbook:


Feel free to contact me at any time if you have a question or suggestion.
To create a trackable case (Customer service request),please use the
contact us form at http://www.tfaforms.com/308703.
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