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What medium are you using for the online part? Moodle? Or some other LMS?
Wouldn¹t you want to see if there person passes or is just watching a video
good enough? Im not sure about the foundations standpoint on this but these
are questions I have. Also what do you do about revisions and how would you
handle something that was no right?

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Good day! 

The progress of Owasp Academy is good enough we have a volunteer who like to
teach on the platform he will teach
Web application Security and Mobile security

If you will ask how this platform help the foundation and maintain the
non-for-profit the tax exemption..

All the video training will be categories in begginer, Intermidiate and

The the price will be listed as

Donate 10$
Donate 5$
Get this course free

In this option the students can choose if they want to donate for the
platform for maintainance..
And they want to take the course free they can also do that...

Every revenue or donation will have a monthly report for transparancy..

We are doing this to uprade and revolutionize our educational platform..

We can put tutorials on how to use your tools update your video if there is
any new development with your project.

Kindly tell me if this project will affect any rules on the foundation..so
that i can stop the development..

Thank you
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