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Greetings OWASP Community,

This month, I offered my news flash lead to board member, Fabio Cerullo,
who reported on the Chapter Leaders meeting at AppSecEU, held last week in
Amsterdam. Fabio reports on the many ways that chapter leaders can use
their funding. Remember, we are a nonprofit foundation and we do have a
responsibility to spend our funding to further our mission. If your chapter
is sitting on a lot of funds, read through the following ideas for spending

Noreen Whysel
Community Manager
OWASP Foundation


   - How To: Spending OWASP Chapter Funds
   - Chapter Activity: New, Renewed and Student Chapters
   - Honorary Membership Nominations 2015-16
   - Tools: OWASP Adds Slack Channels
   - Community Hangout: April 30 Recording
   - Events: AppSecEU and AppSecUSA

*HOW TO: Spending OWASP Chapter Funds*

Last week the OWASP AppSec EU conference was held in gorgeous Amsterdam. I
wanted to highlight the outstanding job done by the team... not only the
event was amazing from start to finish and we set a new record in number of
attendees for Europe (580+ to the conference / 140+ to the trainings) but
also the energy shown by fellow OWASP leaders was truly contagious.

One of the topics covered during the OWASP Chapter Leader workshop, that
was attended by 20+ chapter leaders from all over the world, was on how to
spend chapter funds according to OWASP rules a.k.a. The OWASP Chapter


Here are some ideas:

1) We are thinking on creating an initiative such as Brucon 5x5.
In case you haven't heard about it, I'm attaching an overview of this
program. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BzX1KEAVrdrCOHRBck9fZUhkMU0/edit

it is basically an initiative that allocates 5K Euro/USD for
5 security research projects that could help to build a bridge
between security researchers, students, hackers and professionals in the IT
and security industry. You could run it at a local level among projects in
your chapter or you could extend it to the rest of the world. Ideally,
these projects when finished would then be presented at an
OWASP AppSec conference.

If you are interested in supporting this kind of activity, please get in

2) Support/Adopt an OWASP Project to develop it further. In this case, you
could pick a project and donate funds for translation efforts, write
documentation, implement a new feature, bug fixes, etc. For translation
efforts, you could hire professional translators to get it translated into
any language using our official translation platform Crowdin.

More here: https://crowdin.com/profile/owasp

For bug fixes, we have a platform called Bountysource that you basically
allocate funds to a project of your choice and then developers earn
"bounties" to fix those bugs in the code.


For new features, on 1st June we are going to launch the OWASP Summer Code
Sprint that allow students to work on OWASP projects during the summer and
get paid a nominal amount (USD1500). The OWASP Foundation is funding 8
students to work on various projects but if you want to purchase a student
slot for a particular project you could do so as well.


3) Reward an active leader/member of your chapter to attend an
OWASP Conference or Summit. Next AppSec conference:


4) Organise a Project Summit in your city to bring together academia,
industry and professionals. For example: The very successful OWASP OpenSAMM
Summit has been co-organised/sponsored by the OWASP Belgium & London
chapters plus other industry organisations.


So I would encourage to check your chapter funds below and support these
sort of activities:


Also, if you don't currently have funds in your chapter but want to
organise an activity there are funds available to do so.. please check out
the type of activities below that you could request funding:


Have a great day,



A new region has been set up for Caribbean countries to more accurately
reflect chapters in that area. Curaçao, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico
are now listed in the Caribbean list on the main chapter page. Puerto Rico,
which is currently listed as an inactive chapter, will also appear in the
United States list. Contact me if you are interested in restarting this
chapter, or view a list of inactive chapters in the Volunteer page of our
wiki: http://owasp.force.com/volunteers/GW_Volunteers__VolunteersJobListing

OWASP Sydney's infosec community has hosted a number of interesting events,
and are working with other industry organisations on collaborative content,
first with Sectalks, and then with their local AISA chapter. Next up they
plan to host a newbie night, called "Pentest 101." Chapter Leader, Norman
Yue offered to share resources and bring this kind of event both across
Australia and overseas. Visit OWASP Sydney's Meetup Group for details:

Tom Brennan of OWASP NYC/Northern NJ reports that OWASP projects were
featured as part of a Cybersecurity & Compliance panel discussion at the
East Coast Gaming Congress on May 28th in Atlantic City. The event
addressed the growing threat of cyber attacks in the context of online
http://www.eastcoastgamingcongress.com/news/view/23/. The OWASP NYC also
invited members to attend a June 11 screening of  "The Security Brief," a
new show on Bravo, hosted by Paul Viollis.

*New Chapters*

Cape Town, South Africa: Leader, Timo Goosen, timo.goosen at owasp.org
https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Cape Town

Columbia, SC, USA: Leader, Frank Catucci, frank.catucci at owasp.org

El Salvador: Leader, Nelson Chacon, nelson.chacon at owasp.org

Madurai, India (In Process): Leader, M.S. SivaKumar

Southern New Hampshire, USA: The Kick-Off meeting has been scheduled for
June 1 in Salem, NH. Visit the chapter page for details:

*Restarted Chapters*

Bristol, UK: Leader, Jason Alexander, jason.alexander at owasp.org. First
meeting will be July 2. Visit the wiki page for details.

Saint Louis, MO, USA: Leader, Justin Wood, justin.wood at owasp.org

Vitoria, Brasil: Leader, Ulysses Monteiro, ulysses.monteiro at owasp.org

*Student Chapters and Academic Supporters:*

Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge, UK - Renewed academic supporter role and student

Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronic, Kharkiv, Ukraine - New
mailing list

Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK - NEW student chapter


The form to submit your Honorary Membership request is now available thru
June 30 To be sure you qualify, please see

*TOOLS: OWASP Slack Now Available*

We have launched a Slack as a resource to discuss project and chapter
activity. We now have 38 channels. sign up at http://owasp.herokuapp.com.

*COMMUNITY HANGOUT - April 30 Recording*

A recording of the April 30 Community Hangout, hosted by Tobias Gondrom, is
available athttp://youtu.be/vffjs8Xbfjg. We discussed new #OWASP
<http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=OWASP> updates, #AppSec
<http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=AppSec>, our ops team and
OWASP projects. Stay tuned for the next update announcement via Twitter and
the owasp-community mailing list.

*EVENT: **AppSecUSA*

AppSecUSA registration has launched. Visit http://2015.appsecusa.org/ for
conference information and the registration form and follow us @AppSecUSA
<http://www.twitter.com/appsecusa> on Twitter. Please look for a separate
mailing with information about accessing the Leader discount code. In the
meantime, here is our press release
announcing our Keynote lineup.

*EVENT: AppSecEU Slidedecks and Recordings*

The AppSecEU Team is gathering slides and videos from the event last week
in Amsterdam. Some have already been posted to the @AppSecEU
<http://www.twitter.com/AppSecEU> Twitter feed. Watch the AppSec.eu website
for details.

*RESOURCES: In this Issue*

Funding Resources:

Chapter Funding - Current Allocation (Donation Scoreboard):

Chapter Leader Handbook:

Volunteer Opportunities:

Honorary Membership Form:

OWASP Slack Channels:

April 30 Community Hangout:
http://youtu.be/vffjs8Xbfj <http://youtu.be/vffjs8Xbfjg>


*Contact Me*

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have a question or suggestion.
To create a trackable case, please use the contact us form at
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