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Tom Brennan - OWASP tomb at owasp.org
Thu Dec 3 20:38:27 UTC 2015

It was in 2007 when Jeff, Dinis, Dave and Andrew recruited me from
little local chapter at the time and asked if I would be interested in
serving on the global board of directors for OWASP. At that time there were
no elections and this group OWASP was simply managed very differently.

Back then, in addition to other activities my initial focus was to put
governance into place driving democratic elections and help the
organization grow globally and put in committees that was supported. By
receiving this email you are on the leaders list ring zero 700+ strong I
understand from the last check of subscribed members.

By rough consensus a good spirited debate and professionalism we can allow
this organization to do great things for the mission. *We also have the
power to light it on fire, dissolve it and shut off the light switch

Pertaining to governance I encourage each of you to consider joining the
9-Dec important upcoming public meeting that actual governs the
organization (email flames do not btw) you invest your personal time for
your passion listen in or join a monthly management meeting its YOUR
association.  This next board meeting will be the last one in the current
structure for 2015 there are many items on the agenda topics in the
community to be addressed in this session and you should really be apart of

The foundation is very UNIQUE and adhere to Roberts Rules during monthly
meetings when there is a quorum. At that time correction of courses,
clarification of process, dispute gets full attention of the elected,
volunteer officers. We (community) LEAN HEAVILY on the full time Executive
Director who is empowered as the El' Captain of the ship on the heath and
welfare driving goals assigned and reporting back monthly board progress
that fuels desks ion making process and facilitates core value discussions.

I trust that your existing investment and passion will take time to click
on the link and listen to the last board meeting recording ( they are all
public and also recorded btw).  But the one I want you to attend is

December 9th

*Simple things to remember when in session:*

Chairman leads the meeting process

Motion (formal proposal) must be made by member of the current board. If
you want want on a topic talk to a board member as your representative on
the motion.

Motion must be seconded by member of the board

Discussion is opened to the board members

Discussion is then open to the membership/public

The Chairman calls for a vote.  Chairman votes last in the event of a tie.

Then we must move all move forward TOGETHER with respect and
professionalism to the next order of business.

*NOTE* As part of our governance process, annually there is a shuffle roles
and responsibilities of elected board members this happens every year
responsibilities are defined in the bylaws (
https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Foundation_ByLaws)  This allows
us then work on annual tactical and also strategic tasks.

In closing and as a newly elected board member for 2016 (after some taking
time off) as I see it WE have a lot of work to do and not all of it is
glamorous easy or fun but it will get done, that's the wonderful part of
the open-source community.  If you choose to leave the SANDBOX provided by
the organization for experimentation that choice is yours alone. OWASP
Foundation only has 2500+/- members globally and it only takes 51%
or 1275 people to share your views and have representation who represents
the membership without conflict to make OWASP 15.0 a sprint for the better
and there are many things budgeted in-motion and planned already let's do

Attend the December 9th meeting be part of the solution

Semper Fi,

Tom Brennan

*Semper Fi,*

*Tom Brennan *

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