[Owasp-leaders] Fwd: Re: Should OWASP projects (and in particular ZAP) aim to leave the OWASP nest?

Christo christo.goosen at owasp.org
Wed Dec 2 09:36:37 UTC 2015


I would hate to see the ZAP project go.

Its been one of the success stories of OWASP. Gives OWASP a lot of
recognition considering how often it rates top 5 in Security scanner
tool surveys.

Thanks for the hard work Simon, but you must do what is best for the

If possible keep it in OWASP


On 02/12/2015 11:29, Jim Manico wrote:
> Simon,
> I am just glad that ZAP is out there in the open source world.
> And frankly, I do not see OWASP doing a lot of support it. If you
> moved it to Mozilla, especially if Mozilla was willing to provide
> resources to continue making it stronger, I would support such a move
> and continue to promote it.
> Respectfully,
> Jim
> On 12/2/15 11:05 AM, psiinon wrote:
>> In a recent thread
>> <http://lists.owasp.org/pipermail/owasp-leaders/2015-December/015726.html>
>> Dinis stated:
>> "all Owasp projects should be seen as research projects. The moment
>> they are big enough (i.e. big team, support, deliverables) and wish
>> to move beyond the 'research label' , is the moment where they need
>> to leave the 'Owasp nest' and face the real world by themselves"
>> I have a lot of sympathy for this perspective, and have indeed been
>> wondering if now is the right time for ZAP to "go it alone".
>> I'd like to stress that this is not just because of recent
>> controversies, so I'd like to discuss these as general principals
>> rather than in relation to recent events.
>> I believe that OWASP has been very beneficial to ZAP, but I'm not
>> sure that OWASP is really set up to support projects that have grown
>> to ZAP's size.
>> So, the 2 questions I'd be very interested in feedback on:
>>   * Should OWASP projects aim to stand on their own outside of OWASP?
>>   * Is this the right time for ZAP to do so?
>> Many thanks,
>> Simon
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