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Mon Aug 17 13:04:57 UTC 2015

Hey, please do not forget Japan chapter, let us join w/$500.


On Sat, Aug 1, 2015 at 4:28 AM, Kate Hartmann <kate.hartmann at owasp.org>

> OWASP’s Women in AppSec (WIA)
> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/0d40d57e-792d-49f3-90a0-b513bcd670c8/owasp-org-index-php-women-in-appsec>
> is excited to invite the founders of the InfoSec Girls
> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/0d40d57e-792d-49f3-90a0-b513bcd670c8/infosecgirls-in>
> initiative to the AppSec USA 2015 conference. To bring InfoSec Girls to
> AppSec USA, *we need to raise $7500*. We know that with the support of the
> OWASP community, we can easily get there! Donations above and beyond our
> goal will be used for future WIA programs around the world.
> About InfoSec Girls
> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/0d40d57e-792d-49f3-90a0-b513bcd670c8/infosecgirls-in1>
> Based in India, InfoSec Girls educates women about information security
> both at the community level and as a career option. Their kickoff event at
> C0c0n 2014 in Kochi, Kerala attracted 130 women and was the first event of
> it’s kind in the region.
> Founders, Apoorva Giri and Shruthi Kamath have spoken extensively on
> cybersecurity and women’s issues in India. Their efforts to bring awareness
> of cybersecurity to a wider audience has empowered women and girls to
> consider security careers as well as protect themselves online.
> At AppSec USA in September, they will inspire and inform your
> organization’s diversity and education programs, as well as give individual
> OWASP members ideas on how they can contribute to the application security
> education effort.
> Sponsorship opportunities for commercial organizations and OWASP chapters
> are also available.  Please email Lisa Ly <lisal at sabey.com> and Kerry Jo
> Richards <kerry.richards at aspectsecurity.com> for more information about
> sponsorship packages.
> OWASP’s Women in AppSec (WIA) program
> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/0d40d57e-792d-49f3-90a0-b513bcd670c8/owasp-org-index-php-women-in-appsec1>
> seeks to build a community of individuals interested in promoting diversity
> in IT, expanding their skills and networking with like-minded colleagues.
> Keep an eye out for more information about WIA at AppSec USA on our wiki
> page
> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/0d40d57e-792d-49f3-90a0-b513bcd670c8/owasp-org-index-php-women-in-appsec2>.
> Need more information now? Contact us
> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/0d40d57e-792d-49f3-90a0-b513bcd670c8/tfaforms-com-308703>
> or email Kerry Jo Richards <kerry.richards at aspectsecurity.com> for more
> information.
> -- 
> Kate Hartmann
> kate.hartmann at owasp.org
> +1 301-275-9403
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