[Owasp-leaders] Fwd: Improving security related web developer docs, was: Bridge between W3C <> OWASP

Paul Ritchie paul.ritchie at owasp.org
Mon Sep 22 19:06:35 UTC 2014

Aaron, all:
My perspective would be that OWASP has some very good material & tutorials
Rather than collaborate with WC3 to create 'new' tutorials, it would seem
efficient & effective to ask them to provide links on their webpages to our
Fast for them, and they can show 'progress' on new content for their
Good for OWASP  since we expand our exposure & reach of our materials,
without putting in too much new effort to recreate.

My thoughts, Paul

Best Regards, Paul Ritchie
OWASP Interim Executive Director
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> [ Forking subject: Bridge between W3C <> OWASP ]
> Hi All!
> I’m sorry for the time it took to follow up with you guys, it’s been
> crazy weeks and I couldn’t write earlier.
> As you might be aware, the W3C isn’t exclusively writing specs, we are
> also maintaining a (young) web development documentation site called
> WebPlatform Docs.
> Our ambition is huge; creating vendor neutral web developer
> documentation along with other side projects such as browser feature
> compatibility data. While we have some progress in our content, we feel
> that security related docs is missing.
> I have the feeling you are the best folks to ask for help!
> Would any of you, or peers, be interested in contributing with us to
> create security centric tutorials on the WebPlatform Docs pages?
> If you are interested, just reply to me directly.
> PS: It would be nice if you could forward this inquiry to the owasp-*
> lists you see fit.
> --
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