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*From:* Jonathan Carter <jonathan.carter at owasp.org>
*Date:* September 22, 2014 at 2:23:27 PM AST
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Hi Everyone,

The OWASP Mobile Security group is currently going a quick, painless
30-second survey that is trying to nail down the primary / secondary
audiences and use-cases for the OWASP Mobile Top Ten.  The group is going
to aggregate the responses and use the data when collecting vulnerability
data and organizing how to present it.

By filling out the survey, you will get more value out of the OWASP Mobile
Top Ten list as we will have much greater focus with relevant audiences.

Please take 30 seconds and fill out this survey:

By increasing the number of participants in the survey, you ensure everyone
that might be affected by the list gets easy input into it.

If you could tweet the survey link and email it to your local chapter
members and friends (via twitter) that would be much appreciated.  We're
going to collec responses for the next few weeks and share the results!

PS. The Mobile App Hacking workshop I did at AppSecUSA was a huge success
amongst participants. I'll be sending out more information on that wihtin
the week.

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