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Nigel Phair nigel.phair at owasp.org
Sat Sep 20 00:39:47 UTC 2014

Dear All

Greetings from Australia and apologies for the bulk address email. I am a
candidate for the OWASP 2014 Board of Directors election. I have been
involved in the broader infosec environment for over twelve years,
initially through law enforcement and now in academia. I have a
demonstrated background and skills in directorship, principally the core
abilities of governance, risk and strategy.

Like many organisations, OWASP has had its share of recent turbulent times,
my pitch to the voting OWASP membership is to create strength in OWASP
governance (and principally the core values) and to provide trust and
confidence in the workings of the organisation to volunteers, individual
members and corporate donors. My aim is to deliver an effective governance
framework which meets individual circumstances and needs whilst helping to
drive enhanced organisational performance whilst at the same time aiding
conformance with various requirements (including OWASP core values,
purpose, ethics and principles).  Specifically, my goals in governance

   - Effectiveness of the board and board performance
   - Interaction between the Board and the operations team
   - Monitoring of organisational strategy and risk
   - The way in which governance is applied throughout the organisation
   - Support and empowerment of Chapters
   - The strength of the relationships OWASP fosters with its stakeholders

It is then we can create a strong, dynamic and growing organisation which
seeks diversity and inclusiveness.

I am happy to provide additional information or answer any questions. I
respectfully seek your vote and request you forward this email for
consideration to OWASP voting members.

Kind regards

Nigel Phair
OWASP Canberra Chapter Co-Lead
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