[Owasp-leaders] AppSecUSA live streaming event

Dirk Wetter dirk at owasp.org
Thu Sep 18 14:00:42 UTC 2014

Hi Jonathan,

Am 09/18/2014 07:22 AM, schrieb Jonathan Marcil:
> Hi leaders,
> if for whatever reason you are unable to come to AppSecUSA in Denver, here's a nice backup plan for you: 
> http://2014.appsecusa.org/2014/about/live-streaming/
> Basically we are gonna stream on YouTube most of the content from the main tracks + the keynotes.
> For real time updates follow @AppSecUSA on Twitter https://twitter.com/appsecusa.
> After the stream, all recorded talks will be uploaded as well so make sure you check out that YouTube playlist:
> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpr-xdpM8wG8jz9QpzQeLeB0914Ysq-Cl
> Feel free to share the links everywhere!

thx for this. But that doesn't help us here:


Isn't there an alternative besides Google which is real free as in free beer? ;-)

Cheers, Dirk

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