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Bev Corwin bev.corwin at owasp.org
Wed Oct 29 13:06:46 UTC 2014

Hmmm.... interesting. Seems sad. Why is there a deadline? Honestly, I love
this honorary membership opportunity for volunteers. It gives volunteers a
chance to get to better know the OWASP community, and a good inclusive
policy. Can we just scrap the deadline and allow our volunteers to apply
year round?


On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 10:58 PM, Kevin W. Wall <kevin.w.wall at gmail.com>

> Helen, et al,
> Apparently it is too late for that now. I tried to apply and got this
> email message sent to me:
>     Although you did complete the Honorary membership form this year but
>     because it was after the Sept 30, 2014 deadline, you have not been
>     granted honorary membership.  The honorary membership form was opened
>     up as part of the "grace period" for those individuals whose
>     membership expired between June 30, 2014 and Sept 30, 2014.
> So it appears that we have to wait until next year to apply.
> (Personally, I'd rather
> just be able to apply this year and not be able to vote until next
> year rather than
> remembering to reapply next year, but maybe that's just me.)
> -kevin
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