[Owasp-leaders] Update report on OWASP Board Voting Process

Paul Ritchie paul.ritchie at owasp.org
Wed Oct 15 23:15:20 UTC 2014

To OWASP Community:

First, thank you for all your feedback and concerns about the Board of
Director election process.  Each example has proven a clue to track down to
see if it was a singular problem, or affecting many.  This is an update
report to demonstrate progress to-date.  We are still working on some
detail examples with more communication on updates and solutions to
follow.  Our goal is to ensure integrity in the Board of Director election
process and to ensure that all eligible voters received the proper
information and access to vote.

Problem 1:   ‘*I didn’t receive my voting instructions via email’*.
Possible causes outlined below:

1.       For *Individual Members*, at the date the ‘eligible voter’ list
was created, 30 September 2014, your membership had not been renewed.

a.       Example:  Member ABC had an annual renewal date of 15 September
2014.  Membership was not renewed by that date, or 15th to 30th of
September.  Therefore, not included in list.

Solution – Policy under review.  Options are No Change, or, Change policy
to allow ‘past due grace period’.  Final solution defined in later email.

2.       For *Honorary Members*, you must actively request Honorary member
status each year.  If your honorary membership expired, and you did not
actively renew by the ‘eligible voter’ date, you were not included on the

Solution – Policy under review.  Options are No change, or, change policy
to allow ‘past due grace period’.  Final solution defined in later email.

3.       A very few of the earliest *Life Time Members* that were migrated
into the Sales Force / Member Nation database from Cvent had renewal year
‘blank’.  They were not included on the ‘eligible voters’ list because of

Solution - This is now corrected.

4.       *Unsubscribe Issue*.  The voting instructions and link to ballot
were sent out by the Simply Voting application.  If you previously chose
“Unsubscribe” to other emails sent from OWASP via Simply Voting, then you
were ‘not sent’ the voter instruction email by the unsubscribe rule.

a.       Example:  Member 123 had an active membership and renewed before
the ‘eligible voter’ date and was included in the eligible voter list sent
to Simply Voting.   But, since Member 123 had previously checked the
‘Unsubscribe’ box on earlier OWASP email announcements, they were removed
from any further mailings by OWASP, including this voter instruction email.

Solution – Looking at Vendor app to create workaround, or stop using Simply
Voting for critical OWASP notifications like Voting.  Final solution
defined in later email.

Problem 2:  ‘But I don’ recall getting a reminder to renew my membership?’

Answer:  Still researching several examples to verify.  The Sales Force
member database is programmed to deliver email reminders at 30 days, 14
days and 1 day before the renewal date.  A ‘late renewal’ reminder is sent
7 days after the renewal date.  This applies to Individual Members only.
Honorary members do not receive reminders since they must actively request
‘honorary status’ each year.   (This policy is being reviewed in light of

Early renewal:  If you renewed during an AppSec registration and ‘before’
the reminder trigger date, you would not have received the automated
reminders. But, since you renewed your membership early, you would have
been included in the ‘eligible voter’ list.

To the OWASP community, we expect to provide further updates and next steps
in another email on Thursday and Friday.
Best Regards, Paul Ritchie
OWASP Interim Executive Director
paul.ritchie at owasp.org
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