[Owasp-leaders] Voting for OWASP 2014 Board Election - no voting instructions!

Antonio Fontes antonio.fontes at owasp.org
Tue Oct 14 07:14:01 UTC 2014

Hi Serg,

1) Are you a paid or honorary OWASP member? (most people complaining
about this will realize they are not OWASP members).
2) If yes, search for an email with object "OWASP 2014 Board Election",
it was sent yesterday (13th) with a link to the ballot (it might also be
stored in the spam folder, as it was in my account).

Kind regards,

antonio.fontes at owasp.org
Board Leader - OWASP Geneva
Board Member - OWASP Switzerland

On 10/14/2014 6:45 AM, Serg B. wrote:
> Folks, I haven't received anything specific to do with voting other than
> 'you can now vote, here watch some Youtube videos'.
> This is concerning! Who else haven't received information on this?
> ...and I still don't have the instructions:
>    a. could someone please send the instructions; and
>    b. could someone please send the process used to send this so called
> ballot cards or whatever; and how it is being sent; and to whom; and who
> is responsible for managing this process? The fact that I haven't
> received something for the Board elections is not cool.
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