[Owasp-leaders] [Governance] [OWASP ASVS] Obfuscation?

Achim achim at owasp.org
Sat Nov 8 00:49:03 UTC 2014

commenting on Josh's statement: 

Am 07.11.2014 23:32, schrieb Josh Sokol:
> To answer Christian's question, the Board received multiple complaints from
> members of the OWASP Foundation accusing him of posting e-mails to the
> OWASP Leaders list containing rude and abusive language and false
> accusations.  We asked our Compliance Officer to review the complaints,
> determine whether they are accurate, and determine whether the posts were
> in conflict with the OWASP Code of Ethics.  The conclusion was that the
> complaints were accurate and the posts were in conflict with the OWASP Code
> of Conduct and the recommendation was for the Board to define appropriate
> measures as a result of his actions and to make an official public
> statement.

This statement is probably not wrong, but it's also just part of the truth.
And hence, without telling more of the true facts, may give a wrong impression
of the case.
  * We all know, that not only Christian used rude and abusive language, but
    also other OWASP members. If in doubt, just go through the mailing list
    archive ;-)
  * It's not worth to nitpick "who was first", there are more than one person
    involved (for whatever reason).
  * If there is a conclusion based on the the Compliance Officer's investigations,
    then the results needs to be made public (at least on various mailing list),
    otherwise members, leaders, whoever will continue to ask. Also, without
    publishing, anything is nearly a myth, sorry.

Said this, I'd really like that everyone calms down, and continue with fair
interaction. Just expressing old opinions again and again does not help to
solve the conflict but adds fuel to the fire.

Calm down and behave like gentlemen.
Hope to see positive wordings in future ...


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