[Owasp-leaders] Greetings from your new Community Manager

GK Southwick genevieve.southwick at owasp.org
Tue Mar 25 21:03:15 UTC 2014

Good afternoon, good evening or good morning, depending on your little
corner of the world,

My name is Genevieve "GK" Southwick and I've been hired by the OWASP
Foundation to be your new Community Manager. I'll be taking over the
portion of the duties that are currently divided between Samantha, Kate and
Sarah, to give them the ability to focus more on their primary tasks. Some
of you have seen Sarah's post, introducing me to the OWASP community last
week. Some of you have already given me a warm welcome and for that, I
thank you. To the rest of you, Hello!

I spent most of last week familiarizing myself with the OWASP mission and
goals, as well as our literature, webpages and the systems we currently
have in place for Project and Chapter management. At this point, I'm
feeling rather confident that I'm able to step more fully into my role and
relieve the other Staff members of what are now my duties. My position here
is many-fold, but for the purposes of this email, I'd like to focus on a
few simple points.

   - Regardless of who your Foundation contact has been in the past, please
   update your records to reflect that I will now be your primary Point of
   Contact. I can be reached at <gksouthwick at owasp.org> If you would feel
   more comfortable cc'ing your former contact for the first few
   conversations, until we get more familiar and comfortable with one another,
   I totally understand and support this compromise. And of course, you should
   still utilize the contact us form <http://www.tfaforms.com/308703> or
   support at owasp.org, so that we can track requests.
   - One of my first orders of business will be to update the Chapter
   Leader's Handbook. I would greatly appreciate your input on this. Once
   we've established through this email thread, those of you who want to be
   involved in the update project, I will create a breakout group, so that we
   can take the conversation to a private channel. I also have plans to
   establish Chapter Leader workshops at both AppSecEU and AppSecUSA, so that
   we might brainstorm on this in person.
   - Rolling over to SalesForce Member Nation Community Portal - In the
   next few weeks, we'll be rolling out our new Forum initiative and slowly
   pull away from using mailing lists as our primary communication. When this
   announcement is formally made, we'll be asking those of you who have not
   already created accounts on that system to do so and to join various forums
   attached to your current projects, as well as a Chapter Leader group. We
   will provide archives of the mailing lists in the Forums themselves, so you
   can easily reference prior threads at any time.
   - Chapter/member disputes. One of my many hats here at OWASP is
   mediation. If an issue arises in your Chapter, that you feel needs to be
   brought to the attention of the Foundation, please bring it to me first. I
   should, by default, be informed of any issues that require the attention of
   anyone outside of your immediate chapter, so that I may assist with
   intervention and determine if it needs to be escalated further up the chain
   of command. If I am unable to mediate to the satisfaction of all parties
   involved, I will gladly assist in bringing the matter to the Board of
   Directors and step out of the process, so that they can make the case

I believe that covers the basics. As I get to know each of you, I hope that
together, we can develop a communication system that works for all of us. I
look forward to working with all of our Chapter Leaders and believe that
together, we can make OWASP a stronger, more vibrant community than it
already is.

My best, always,

-= GK Southwick

Community Manager
OWASP Foundation

gksouthwick at owasp.org <gk at owasp.org>
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