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Sounds like APAC has really set the bar for future AppSec events.
Congratulations to everyone involved. -- Mark

On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 11:20 PM, Jerry Hoff <jerry at owasp.org> wrote:

> Hello OWASP leaders,
> The Appsec Asia Pac 2014 is over, and it enters the pantheon of
> unforgettable OWASP conferences.  I wanted to give the leaders list an
> update of the highlights, and mention some of the great successes of the
> event.
> As to be expected, the event was meticulously organized in a welcoming
> venue in the heart of Tokyo. The organizers and the OWASP staff did an
> amazing job of pulling it all together, which can only be described as
> "sprezzatura" - cheerfully accomplishing extremely difficult tasks while
> making it appear effortless.
> A few key points from my perspective to success:
> 1. The conference smashed through the language barrier
> - Every conference session had amazing, United Nations quality
> translators.  The translators were so good and so fast, even jokes were
> being translated in real time (was amazing to see a joke/pun being made in
> English, followed by near simultaneous laughter from both the
> English-speaking and Japanese-speaking audience).  These super high quality
> translators eliminated the seemingly insurmountable language barrier.  The
> fact they were able to do this translation with even these very technical
> topics and industry-specific terms was nothing short of amazing.
> - The paid technical training classes (my class and Dave Wichers’ class)
> had volunteer translators who did great fantastic work.  The participants
> in my class took copious notes and we had many in-depth discussions, thanks
> to the real-time translation efforts of the volunteers.  Little to nothing
> was "lost in translation".
> 2. The OWASP community in Japan is very vibrant and growing rapidly
> - It was clear OWASP is growing very rapidly in Japan.  Participants from
> many regional chapters made an appearance at the event, from various areas
> and representing luminary companies.  I have a strong feeling we will be
> seeing continued growth in high-quality OWASP projects originating out of
> the Japanese OWASP community.
> - The OWASP members and organizers went far above and beyond taking care
> of all the attendees from overseas.  The hospitality that I and the other
> overseas participants experienced was unforgettable.  We had multiple
> dinners, a trip to the top of the tallest tower in the world (Sky Tree), a
> tour of Tokyo including an excursion in a spaceship looking futuristic
> riverboat designed by a famous Manga artist and of course a multilingual
> Karaoke night.
> 3. Skyrocketing global-level interest in application security
> - The conference had an auspicious 404 attendees, and drew in
> representatives from all over Japan, the region and the world. Clearly
> significant bridges were built between so many geographically dispersed
> people. This is one of the great benefits from the live events - face to
> face communication especially those that transcend language and national
> delineations.
> - Events like this substantially strengthen OWASP globally.  As a
> shameless self-serving example, I personally received commitments from
> Japanese members to help translate the OWASP Appsec Tutorial Series, making
> this OWASP outreach effort available new millions of potential OWASP
> members.
> So with deep gratitude I want to again recognize Riotaro Okada, Sen Ueno,
> Robert Dracea and all the numerous other event organizers who put in
> extreme effort and dedication to this event, along with the indefatigable
> Samantha Groves and Laura Grau.  Also, a round of applause for ALL past and
> present event organizers globally.  It is your continued efforts unshackle
> OWASP out of the virtual and allow it to thrive in the real world.
> ありがとうみんなさん!
> Jerry
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