[Owasp-leaders] My expectation is that nobody is reading my @owasp.org emails

Dinis Cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Tue Jun 10 17:18:40 UTC 2014

This is just an post to ensure that we are all on the same page here.

As I posted at What is Privacy all about? ... its about 'not being
expectation (and I hope all current owasp leaders with an @owasp.org email
address) is that NOBODY is going to read my emails without letting me know

I know that there are a number of OWASP admins, employees and Board members
that do have that capability (to read any @owasp.org email), but I do hope
that that line is not crossed for me (and any fellow OWASP leader, or OWASP
employee or OWASP Board member).

Our community is based on trust and this is one of those examples where we
put trust into the ones with the power to do a particular action (in this
case read emails).

And if somebody has done this in the past, well shame on you and the least
you should do is to admit it (although I do hope that that is not the case)
or at least use actions described in the Whistleblower Policy
<https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Governance/Whistleblower_Policy> to do so.

Btw, by email I mean ALL my personal data mapped to my OWASP.org email

And, this should also apply if there are any external requests (by
government agencies for example) about providing data on any OWASP leader.

After all, Privacy is a major issue in the Web world, and privacy
violations don't just happen via coding issues/vulnerabilities.

Anyway, this is just my thought/worry of the day, and there shouldn't be
much more to say here :)

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