[Owasp-leaders] AppSecUSA 2014 Project Summit Rescue

Jonathan Marcil jonathan.marcil at owasp.org
Wed Jul 30 04:32:58 UTC 2014

Just to keep the task force updated, I'm now continuing with the next phase 
of asking the chapters directly for money.

I had *9 clicks* on the links I provided on my leaders list email. So 
Johanna, do not worry if your surveys doesn't get big numbers - people on 
the leaders list are not that curious nor participative during the summer.

On the honorable mention, I had an email from Boston saying they would 
help, but with no pledge on money. I'm getting back to them first.

Last thing, I think I'll CC: this list in order to get the proper archiving 
like Kait and Johanna does. 


- Jonathan

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