[Owasp-leaders] AppSecUSA 2014 Project Summit Rescue

Jonathan Marcil jonathan.marcil at owasp.org
Thu Jul 17 22:17:09 UTC 2014


the USA 2014 Project Summit is not going to happen unless we act fast.

As part of the OWASP Projects Task Force, I made a plan to rescue it.
Most concerns are that we don't have the resources.

So I'm stepping in myself as primary planner.

What I ask from you, if you consider that having a summit is a good
thing for OWASP, is to pledge an amount of money that is in one of your
OWASP funds bucket.

Please use that Google form to do so:

It is time that the chapters realize they have 387,327.90$ while
projects have 30,731.73$ and all could benefit from the other.

For Chapters Leaders, that means that the Summit will be open to you as
well if you chip in enough money globally. We want to create a synergy
that will benefit both the chapters and the projects.

I urge anyone with access to money to think of OWASP globally: if you
only spend it in your corner, smaller projects and chapters will never
be able to grow within OWASP.

If you have access to money and wish to participate to the summit by
paying your expenses yourself you are not obligated to pledge, but
please do so for a reasonable amount of money for food and coffee for
two days (100-200$).

Please take note that I'm not requisitioning money and that the form is
only a pledge on what each participant themselves will do.

If you have anything to say about this initiative, please read the
detailed plan first on
and be ready to be asked to join the task force to help for the summit.

Thanks for your dedication to the cause,

 - Jonathan Marcil
   OWASP Projects Task Force Zealot
   Direct reach from your OWASP email at projects-task-force at owasp.org

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