[Owasp-leaders] Project money

Larry Conklin larry.conklin at owasp.org
Sun Jul 13 02:37:45 UTC 2014

Because of previous email(s) the subject of project money has come up. I
want to let everyone know to the best of my knowledge the money for the
Code Review project has been spent correctly and nothing is amiss.

I do believe there is an opportunity to improve the expense payment process
of project expenses. Please feel free to change to text(add, delete,
change). A discussion on actual policy is much better then a useless
email(s) discussion that does not make any change(s) to improve OWASP. Our
mission is to important.

The current URL for OWASP policy grant spending:

I would like to see the board make an up or down vote to on the following
change to the policy and have this change be made part of the actual policy
instead of being a guideline.

Here is the guideline I want to be made as actual policy….

3. *All expenses to be made using grant awarded funds must be pre-approved
by the OWASP Projects Manager.*

I am proposing the following change. Purpose here is to create a two-person
authorization to pay expenses and to create transparency of project

Item 3: Expenses to be paid out of project funds (grant and non-grant
funds) should be submitted to OWASP staff to be paid. The submitter will be
the  project designate with a complete description of the expenses (project
designate cannot be a OWASP broad member or elect OWASP board member).
 Prior to submitting the expense to be paid the expense must be published
on the project wiki page. Monies to be paid must meet the following

   1. A description of the expenses on how this relates to the project.
   2. Expense must be published on OWASP wiki project page prior to being
   3. OWASP staff member and a project leader/project support person or a
   designated OWSP project person must validate and prove the expense.

      Larry Conklin, CISSP (Co-Leader for Code Review Project)

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