[Owasp-leaders] How2play Community Engagement OWASP Edition

Bill Sempf bill.sempf at owasp.org
Tue Jul 1 16:29:27 UTC 2014

Hey, Norman.

In Columbus OWASP we have had history getting InfoSec folk into meetings,
but not as much getting developers. My tactics have been to send members of
OWASP to their other meetups and have then talk about the group there.
Python folks go to Python meetups and talk security, then tell people about
the OWASP meetup. .NET people go to .NET meetups and talk security, then
tell people about the OWASP meetup. This has been working fairly well.

Also, we have started developer-centered events like code jams: bring your
laptop and let's hack on ZAP or try a Google Bug Bash or something. That's
slow starting but catching some wind finally.

Good luck!


On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 11:16 AM, Norman Yue <norman.yue at owasp.org> wrote:

> Hey folks,
> Greetings from sunny (okay, it's not really sunny, but I digress) Sydney,
> and I hope this email finds you all well.
> Over the last 6 months, we have successfully set up what is effectively a
> little security club in Sydney, and this has worked out amazingly well.
> Every week, we bring together a small but diverse group of people from
> various walks of life to get together and work on security projects and
> wargames, followed by security chit-chat over dinner.
> That said, I'd like to expand OWASP Sydney a bit more, and reach out to a
> wider audience once a month - but I'm not sure how to best engage with
> developer communities here, so I turn to you for advice.
> What have you guys tried that's worked in terms of reaching out to
> non-security audiences (developers, etc)?
> Have a grand and glorious day,
> Norman
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